Is this Call of Thunder?

What kind of joke are this gamemodes and map desings?

Also i had Cargo Port back this morning but i have not made a screenshot so i recreated this in paint:
Yes only one cap and the narrwo version of cargo port.

Is this a out of season april joke? Or should we play call of duty knives only but with modern tanks?


This is something I have been criticizing since 2014, but since then maps have continuously been shrunk.

The argumentation was always that the majority of players likes quick action.

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Your first map is 0 - 1200 meters. That’s within tank ranges.
WW2 tank effective range was 0 meters to ~2000 meters.
Modern MBT ranges are 0 meters to ~5000 meters.
Maps don’t exceed 2.5km usually, but when they do it’s still less than 5000 meters.

After all, tanks have no actual minimum range beyond their physical limits, just maximum ranges.
Maps are the largest they’ve ever been though.
Red Desert is the largest map ever released.

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I think the main problem is the rewards to this day still discourage long drawn out action. People just want to get in as many matches and get kills to move up the ranks as fast as possible.

I’m hearing a lot of complaining out of you and not enough holding W.

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