Is this account legit?

hello i faced this guy in custom battles
his kd looks strange too me what do you guys think?!


Should you be calling this person a cheat on the public forum with no proof? Why not submit a report first?


first of all i didnt say he is cheating ,secend of all why you are so angry i just wanted people opinion is that a bad thing? third of all look at his kd he had more than 10.0 kd in this tanks is that even possible?


lol your post is about how they are cheating, you even post their name

Why do you imagine I am angry ,do you have a secret webcam ? : )

Take it down before the Moderators remove it.They dont like people being called a cheat on here ,they want you to use the correct channels ,just saying.


thanks for advice i changed the tag

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Blank out the name if you can then people can discuss the Kill ratios without upsetting anybody .


This phloggah guy must be a bot or a dev account


Watching his replays will be more productive(and reporting if necessary), don’t you think? Judging by numbers alone is kind of pointless IMO.


i tried to see his replays but there was not any

Looks like a console player so cheating would seem difficult? Unless that’s just using a fake icon or transferred account? 🎮

Those seem like pretty unrealistic k/d’s at least.


Not really when they guy has 268 games played in the CV90105 and 2611 kills.
that is 10 kills per game, every game and only dying once in half of them.

and that is with a TOTAL of 1413 games played in arcade ever.
he has almost double the number of kills in ONE vehicle than he has number of games in the entire game mode.

in total he has ten times the amount of kills that he has games, TOTAL. He gets a nuke EVERY game. since start at lvl 1.


i mean, the numbers speak for themselves.
its either cheating or a alt account, both of which are ban-able offences.

He has 10x the amount of kills than he has total amount of games. he gets a nuke EVERY match he plays. since start at lvl 1.


This appears true buddy but Im just saying the forum has a some rules.Just trying to save somebody time in the sin bin.Which is where I live most of the time : )

i don’t think this is against any of the rules from what i can see?

there is lots of people living with copium these days XD

Stating someone’s cheating is against rules, you need proofs.

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i didnt told he is ,i just ask if he is legit or not

My bad, but still kinda curious that someone have such good stats on vehicles but just few medals on its account.

I have less than that but I got more medals.


is it?
i just read the rules (although not thoroughly) and couldn’t find anything about it in there.