Is this a bug? USA air

i currently have rank 2 on USA but in the advancement hovering threat both USA and USSR are showing 5/6 ranks even tho i dont have any aircraft or tanks in rank 4 or 5 is this a bug?

same for Israel ground force achievement

picture of what your talking about

I think that means you have 5 of 6 of the Tier 2 vehicles needed to unlock so that you can access Tier 3.

it said rank 5/6

That was just my guess from not seeing a screenshot.

does it show a golden or grayed out star?

Do you have any premiums in higher ranks? those count as “unlocked”. Also for that, it adds both ground and air together.

no i dont have

my both ground and air are at rank 2

I guess it is a minor bug. As in it doesn’t track your actual progress, only if you have unlocked the helicopters. Getting that last step is the hard part.