Is this a bug, a feature or do I just dont understand how it works

Yeah, so I just finished a 11 kill game.

Got 3076 RP for the match - the skillbonus is only 2821.

Also, 3076 + 2821 = is 5897.

But I only got 5642 for the match. What is going on?

Now, I am not very good at math, but I can see that the numbers doesn’t add up at all! 100% of 3076 should be around… Yeah, 3076. :P

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Lol gaijin zre creaming off the top 🤣 😂 😆

Not the first time someone posted similar

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Seems like it. xd

They legit implemented a new reward system instead of just removing the soft cap on rewards… Seems like double the work for nothing.

Gaijin are now deducting 15 per cent of your points, just like for sales in the Market.

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Next time put your curser over the iteams, it should give you a breakdown

I think the rest of RP goes as free RP - yellow bulb. Click at the summary at orange envelope at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Not enough info, show the tooltips.

The bonus only does on BASE RP though, minus any boosters or whatever.

Also, your total was 8,463 looks like to me… not 5,897.

Looks like you got roughly 3,000 base amount, then skill bonus 100% more of that so 3,000. THEN your premium time kicks in only on the base amount, not the skill reward, so another roughly 3,000, for roughly 9,000 total.

I’m seeing the exact same thing. It’s only adding the bonus onto whatever you got for the kills, not actually adding on to your mission score.

Even when Gaijin gives us something, it’s pitiful.

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Oh right yeah i forgot it was kills only. That definitely explains the few % it was off versus my explanation. Almost all of her reward was from kills, so it’s very close to what you would expect otherwise, but a bit less because kills weren’t quiiiite all of it.

The overall way the numbers are shown in the tabulation screen is just complete confusing garbage though, even though I think it looks like it is calculating correctly. Writing a subtotal as “Total” and mixing raw numbers and multipliers haphazardly, and just generally a complete mess.