Is there no place to talk with someone from Gaijin?

There are so many buys on vehicles that have them for a long time. Pointing them out here does nothing uless it hae like 300 comments and in bug reports have problem with bias devs that can throw out/close a legitimate bug report like that.

Like the VCC-80/60. A Italian vehicle that could have been enjoyable. 60mm gun firing APFSDS every 2s. Sounds great, right? Well it isnt. Not only for some reason realoding the autoloader take was to long. A 1 shell in 20s (meanwhile Bagle or 2S38 can put their 57mm shell in 5s into autoloader.) But then the shell it self doesn no damage. You cannot knock out any parts of enemy tank, unless you are lucky, it creates 0 spalling so you need to specifivly aim for a crew which is not great at all. The shell it worse the APCR.

So im asking here, devs. Is there any place that we can communicate with anyone that will hear us?

Edit: I already know that this will get no attantion…would be extremly rare if even a single dev replied t answer my question.


There are bugs going back nearly ten years that are still in the game.


Well… Considering that English is not their first language, it is hardly a surprise… Developers do still communicate here, but it does take time out from Developing the game

Admins and or CMs do communicate here on behalf of the Developers, and they will also read Feedback Threads posted here and pass them onto Developers

As for bug reports, we have procedures for a reason, and they must be closely followed… if you have concerns about Bug reports, then you should PM Tech Mods and they can explain

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If they don’t want to fix bugs, “more channels to complain on” isn’t going to suddenly make them want to. Just submit a formal bug report, and if it gets ignored, it’s because they read it and didn’t want to do it, not because they didn’t read it.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure why people always want specific vehicles buffed so badly, when it would just end up going up in BR and canceling it out later anyway, if it was. Sure, it’s more historically immersive, but that’s not that big a deal to have so many threads about that sort of of thing.

Yes there is, it’s called bug reports and there you could file your complain, along with your research (you did some research before posting this …right?) and all the documentation that you have collected in order to rectify the issue you think vehicle has.

You do have some valid proof of your claimes, please don’t tell me you want this just because “it feels” to slow, compared to some other random vehicle you know of?

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Blockquote Meanwhile, I’m not sure why people always want specific vehicles buffed so badly

There is a diferene between wanting to buff a vehicle and wanting to fix vehicle. VCC-80/60 need a massive fixing. That is why i pointed out that vehicle.

Problem is there is no documents about the speed of loader grabbing the 60mm shell at his feet and putting it into the autoloader/1st stage ammo that is right behind him. And i dont think that it tank a 20s to do that. Even MBT with 120mm shell can replenish faster then that vehicle. And multiple bug reports about that were already made that are 3 months, 6 moths and even 1 year old that were pretty much ignored.

If [thing you change] makes it better, it’s a buff, and if it was significant enough to complain about, it has to result in a BR jump. Like I said, if you just care about historical accuracy for its own immersion sake, fine, though. Maybe that’s what you meant by fix anyway

No, you just post stuff here and pray something makes it to the devs somehow, but it’s 99.9% likely it won’t.
You can post bug reports as well, but they’re understaffed amongst other issues and unlikely to solve your issues either.

I’ve suggested having a thread where we can get direct answers from developers as well but was hit with the same excuse as you,

it does take time out from Developing the game

Because game development is this 24/7 grind with zero room for respite and no 5 minutes can be spend on communicating with the people who actually play your game and who finance your game, that is not important turns out.