Is there anything more ridiculous than 6.0?

Is there anything more ridiculous than 6.0?

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Something specific? 6.0 is a uptiering BR, as there’s almost no vehicles to players populate this BR.

The lack of aim and creativity of this thread


Air, ground, naval, arcade, realistic, sim, PVE: one busy lad at 6.0!

Could mean 6.00pm?

Being 6 or 60?

Just the number in general?

Who knows?!


Besides the whole game?


yes 8.0


I know right, 6.0 France is a ridiculously good lineup.

shhh don’t reveal our secrets


Yeah I’ve always found 6.9 to be kinda funny 😂

8.0 GRB is almost unplayable. The jump from barely any stabilised tanks at 8.0 to almost everything being stabilised at 8.7 and 9.0 is insane.


yup. anything.

Wtf, didnt know gaijn decompressed to 720.0

This right there ^^

Around 8.0 is when I usually purchase my first higher BR premium of a tech tree to speed up the grind and skip the 8.0 nightmare. Stabs, rangefinders and early APFSDS against glorified conventional WW2 tanks… Oof.

I have rather fond memories of BR 6ish : Tiger, Panther, ISes, 34-85s. The Pbv 501 at 6.3 Sweden is OP AF imo ^^


Top Air RB.

9.3 ie, permanent uptier
thanks for all the hordes of premium vehicles gaijin! I love fighting them in my weak puny tech tree vehicles

To be fair, you’d have to draw the line between unstabilized tanks and stabilized ones somewhere

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yea playing with the leo 1 is pure pain , your gonna die to someone faster with stablizer better amor better gun and if you complain your having a skill issue lol

just wait until you reach 8.0.

constantly up tiers against fully stabilized tanks with laser range finders in combination with ridiculously bad map design.

80% of the matches is unplayable on that br for a long time and is never going to be fixed.


I just reached it, and it is chaos… 😂

I wouldn’t say it’s unplayable, but I did have to change my play style a little.

with maps who the majority you will end up face to face with fully stabilized tank i love to know how.