Is there any way to make base bombing less stupid in Air RB?

I get that bombers need a good way of grinding for the next bomber, so they can unlock the next bomber to bomb bases better and the cycle continues. Bombers in current form is heavily nerfed compared to real world where they could endure much more punishment. To me, bomber gameplay feels like a minigame inside the game that serves no one.

There are P2W bombers like JU 288-C where they have good speed and defensive guns. ME 264/B29 combo seems to be good for space bombing if they are patient but eventually, base bombing doesn’t serve any purpose other than grind mechanic, since most bases respawn and it is highly unlike for bombers to make a second run after losing that altitude advantage.

Bombers in GRB is also rarely useful, only for nuke-like bombing maybe.

Fighters and Strike aircraft is fun actually, in both Air RB and GRB. How can we make same for the bombers?

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Not sure this is correct, but regardless.

But people constantly complain that they lose due to having them in their team.

They are way more useful in other modes as far as winning goes.

Be a different personality. Some people do enjoy playing bombers. Maybe they don’t want them to be turned into strike fighters. If you do, I suggest to try arcade. Bombers there work like modern strike fighters (they just look old), and they can win matches. They are more potent there in terms of match outcome.

  1. Bombers have nerfed armor long time ago, for some reason. Their resistance to fighters, especially heavy MGs sub-and-50 cal is reduced.
  2. People complain when they have bombers and enemies have fighters. Unfortunately, matchmaking doesn’t equalize bombers on each team, creating imbalance where enemy might have 4 more fighters, which makes win due to kills are much easier. JU 288C have disting advantage because of its thing silhouette and high speed, where he can be chased by 3 fighters. Fighters may not catch ju 288 or they lose their altitude thinking JU 288C easily can be dispatched. A B29 can never dive and get away with doing that.
  3. They are not useful in realistic air modes as I said, bombing bases doesn’t reduce meaningful ticket and rearming rarely is successful for bombing respawned bases. I have seen full bomber win in BR 2.0 with HE bombers. In later BRs, airbase destroying is extremely unlikely.
    4/ It is extremely funny that arcade makes bombers high altitude strike bombers where you don’t even have to use bomber sight.
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This is your claim. There have been countless discussions in the old forum about that. But it is irrelevant anyway.

Basically, arcade plays like top tier realistic with the wrong 3D models. In top tier ARB, you have ccip too. But in arcade, at least bombers can significantly contribute to the operation and bring victory. I heard that sim works well too, but I haven’t tried.

So if you find bombers boring as is (understandable), you might find arcade more entertaining.

I find bombers in Air RB pointless and unfun, for the reason that they don’t contribute to the game unless fool fighters groups give up their altitude try to chase some certain P2W bombers and die to defensive gunners.
Your suggestion of switching to AB is at best tangential.
CCIP and CCRP reflects the real world bomber computers. But virtual impact sight in Arcade battles for all plane with bomb is just a made up-arcade mechanic.

For the first answer, really interesting video

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I believe he is asking how to make bombers useful to their team outside of hoping some poor fool still thinks tail sitting is how you kill them. Presumably like in the old days where base bombing unlocked the ability to destroy the enemy AFB and win the match. Telling him to just play arcade instead is not answering his question.
Assuming that is what he is referring to here.