Is there any plan for ground br expansion?

top jets ground rb br is 12.7 but the top tank br is 11.7, the gap is too big it takes too long to get into a match in 12.7 and 11.7 tanks are clearly not equal, the ground max br should be at least be 12.3 for the balance

12.3 : strv122 series and leopard 2a7s T90M, pansir
12.0 : BVM SEP, SEPV2

i think this should be the minimum


If anything, BVM is above t90 from what I hear. However, I do agree with these changes. Even though it’ll never happen.

It’s hilarious that sep and Sepv2 are the same br, and the v2 is a genuine downgrade, not even a side grade, a straight downgrade from the one released before it. It’s slower, and less survivable than its predecessor since hull-down it can get shot behind cover.

If they had taken off all those stupid shot traps that’s no other nation has, made the add-on armor(that does nothing to top tier ATGM’s) removable and gave it the trophy system that was tested for it I think everyone would have been ecstatic for that edition. Idk how the fuck they fumbled this release so bad.

I believe they hinted at raising the br cap during the br split annoucment. I would expect it this year but i hope it is a 1.0br raise and not a 0.3 one

11.3: M1A1, Ariete PSO, Ariete, Challenger 3 TD, Challenger 2
11.7: Leclerc, Challenger 2E, Merkava Mk.4M, M1A1 HC, M1A1 Click-Bait, HSTV-L (provided it gets fixed, which Gaijin said they were looking into), Ariete AMV, T-90M, T-80BVM (maybe), ZTZ99A, WZ1001
12.0: Strv 122s, Leopard 2a7V, 2A7HU, M1A2 SEPV2, SEP (Chally 2E and Leclerc could both debatably go here as well), T-80BVM (maybe)

The Type 10/TKX should also be 12.0 the 4s reload they get is stupidly good

I’m sure, 13.0 will be the next top BR.

In what world do the seps belong in the same group as the STRV and Leo 2a7’s, but you think a t80bvm is a maybe?
If 13 is the max, that’s where strv, 2a7v and 2a7hu belong. They’re the only ones in that class. The seps belong to a class below it, and in the same tier as bvm like 12.7.

And frankly the SEPv2 belongs like 12.5(lol) and Sep 12.7. The SEPv2 is a literal downgrade. It’s slower, and the armor does absolutely nothing, there is seldom a a round at top tier that the Tusk package is going to do anything to save you with. Not to mention that the hull down position you should be utilizing is completely negated by the MASSIVE options for a shot trap on top. There is no redeeming factor to the SepV2 and reason anyone should take it compared to Sep.