Is there any chance to fix matchmaking?

What the title says. Seriously now.
Also does anyone notice that “decompression” ?

This is brilliant constructive critisism, im surprised you havent said this to the devs already, “fix matchmaking now plox”

So when you read the title nothing comes to your mind?

Yeah, a couple of things do, like “oh the humanity” and “when will these criminals at gaijin fix my game” and “wah wah wah everything isnt in my favour” Nothing is ever perfectly balanced, and it never will be, things change very often, either with mechanics changes, or with new vehicles getting added. the “matchmaking”, which is made up of several parts, any of which you could be referring to, is not broken, is not inherently unfair and is compltely necessary for the game to function properly.


So is nothing new, but is a problem.

You still havent said what you are specifically talking about


For the loop sake.

  1. Constant uptiers on all br’s and nations
  2. Map rotation, i can literally play 2 maps for six games for one+ hour
  3. With recent br changes which i agree i didnt see any decompression

Is good enough for you?

Confirmation bias

ban and dislike the maps you dont want to see, like the ones you do. You see certian maps more often than others but you will not consistently get the same 2 maps 6 games in a row.

I take it you havent been playing 6.3-7.3 then.

Is a player issue. One, the learning to play, two, the RNG of what each team player is doing/there for.

Player issue created by what players ban/dislike. The majority wins.

Decompressed 6.7 - 7.7 but compresses 7.7+ in places. Work in progress and this is stage one.

A 6.7 can no longer see most of the old 7.3s in a 7.3 (obviously) therefore in a 7.0/7.3 there is decompression. It takes time and to be honest the Devs are bound to mess it up big time.

The 100,000 players all doing their own thing is the biggest issue and nothing can be done about it.

P.S Lots of games against high level squads…

And feels great when you personally stomp them. Level does not always mean good. I expect Event time and “checking the new 6.7+” has increased squad likelyhood.

i play from 6.0 to 8.0 mostly.

i am not premium player to ban maps, i just dislike them and although is not consistent, it happens very often to get same maps again and again for long enough to be frustrating.

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Yes, but more often they club my team and me to death.

Squad matchmaking is a thing, so if there is a squad on the other team, there will be one on your team

Then you are simply not noticing it, it has happened and many of the predators of the already powerful 6.7 vehicles have been moved up.

Are you sure about that?


Same 🤣 But the challenge is what stops the game being paint by numbers and boring.

I play 5.7 - 7.7 and notice the decompression rather easily.

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It is undeniable. German 6.7 is night and day. So much better now. Even an uptier to 7.7 is playable with heavies now, in a way it wasn’t before.