Is there a way to mute drone spotting spammers?

I find it mildly annoying… Drone users are pinging map like crazy and the same voice line is being played on and on and on…

You can use the “Disable Radio” option. In a game you go to the Statistics screen and then right-click (not sure how to do it on consoles) on their name and then in the pop-up menu should be “disable radio”. (You can also do this from the chat box by right-clicking on their name, but if it keeps moving from other people’s messages it may be hard to get the right person)

This will stop the audio, but won’t stop the messages in the chat box.

And since Gaijin allowed kanji characters as player name its super easy… :/
Thanks nevertheless

Go to sound settings, it should be under radio communication, just turn it to 0 and enjoy peace and quiet while still getting the useful info.

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I disabled the voice volume, I only see the text. I got tired of kids who spam “eh, they’re in the eh” with that female voice.