Is there a spreadsheet on where gunners are located inside a turret per nation?

I know not all tanks follow the rule but on headons, you need to shoot king tiger’s right side and on american medium/heavies, you need to shoot left side. However, what I am asking is a prepared spreadsheet for all tanks on where to shoot.
Before you say you can check it, yes I can manually but I don’t want to do it for hundred tanks.

No, there is not. Nations should have the same layout with all of their tanks at least.

US nation is more less the only exception. You might find some individual exceptions, but its not worth it to learn them by heart imo.

T92 has 3/4 crew on the right side(includinggunner) and others tanks seem to have gunners on the left, when you look at them. When it comes to shot by shot, it is at least useful to know different layouts in the same nation, then.