Is There A Issue With The Naval Ships?

I do apologize if i’m answering an already answer question but, am i the only one experiencing issues with my main guns on a naval ship no longer auto firing? I would casually switch over to my secondaries and it’d just fire on its own but not anymore.

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They changed that mechanic for primary gun autofiring because of people abusing it.

Aw man that sucks…how would they even abuse it?

People would set their premium ships asail toward the enemy, select secondaires so their primary guns would autofire, and then afk while their ship autoengaged targets with no input earning them SL for doing nothing.

That’s literally annoying how people ruin other things for other’s…oh well thank you anyway for answering my question.

So… instead of fixing the Abuse, they canceled a feature. Wow… thats helpless


I disagree that they canceled a “feature” there. I think that if you assign targets, then the ship should autofire at them, but stopping gunners from auto-aquiring targets at that come into range. Nothing seems more rediculous than using my USS Des Moines and the 3 inch AA batteries autofiring at other cruisers 6+km away. The secondary/aa autofire just allows clueless players to be defended from air/costal ship attacks while sitting braindead in max zoom without ever having any situational awareness.

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But… they fixed the abuse. Or do you have better solution?

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I believe the solution he’s proposing would be leave the manual targeting mode, so you have to manually select what target to “automatically” fire… just like secondary or aa guns.

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No, they disabled it for any targeting mode. Even if you highlight a target for the mains guns to fire on to when you aren’t controlling them with the manual targeting keybind. By keeping that system enabled, the problem would still persist.

AA/secondaries will autofire at eny targets within range. You don’t need to manually select targets. You CAN select targets and they will fire at them, but the user input isn’t needed.

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One of the biggest things I want to see changed in Naval, removing AI gunners auto firing at things. We already have the target assigning system in place too.

I’d love to see the removal of the autofiring too. I think the use of manual targeting in naval is plenty. Being able to command your crew to fire AA/secondaries while you operate the main batteries is such a powerful thing already. Having them auto engage everything is just too much.

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Yeah, thats a Gaijin thing, punishing the active playerbase instead of actually doing something about the problem.

Also, the fact that your AA doesn’t just open fire on whatever ship is close enough to be engaged is utter bull… They’re just sitting on their hands while their ship is getting destroyed, very immersive.

The better Solution would be a working bot and cheat detection ;) They could put a captcha before every firting of a gun but that wouldnt be a solution. nor is these one.

So as I thought you dont have any…

Still works for coastal, doesn’t it?

The best solution would be to remove autofiring completely because you already have a manual targeting system that can fire those weapons while you still control the main guns anyway. It would make planes and torpedo boats viable again because you won’t have clueless players being defended from all sides without knowing there is an enemy nearby.

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Absolutely needed.

Standardizing the same concept could actually work well for helping out aircraft and tanks too. If aircraft gunners would never fire on their own but could be assigned targets, it would allow them to be buffed to fire at actually-useful ranges, while tanks would be able to assign their AA guns to fire at a given aircraft.

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Yea, it would allow aircraft gunners to have increased engagement range and accuracy. Reward active players with good situational awareness by making their crews work like they were actually commanding them.

I would think that assigning a target in ground vehicles for rooftop MGs would be pretty awesome. It would bring CAS issues down because they could make them somewhat accurate. Imagine being in a plane where an active team focuses you with assigned rooftop MG fire. It would change how effecttive CAS would be, I think in a positive way. It would be similar to how naval does it, but not automatic.

I may actually take some time and put forth a suggestion for this. I honestly think this could be a great improvement overall.


Hopefully it’ll come back and a better solution to the abuse can be found.