Is there a GRB good line up for UK at 6-7 BR

While the sales are on I am looking to try the move from 5.3 to 6.3 in the UK GRB ,does anybody have any ideas for the best of the bad bunch ? Also possible CAS ,is the Wytern still cutting it at 6.3? Thanks

IMO, the British 6.3 BR options were fairly iffy to begin with, but then Gaijin really screwed it up when the Centurion Mk.2 got moved from 6.3 BR in GRB to 6.7. The only other 6.3 BR tank I have in my 6.3 BR lineup is the Charioteer Mk VII, and then I have the 6.0 BR Black Prince, 5.3 BR Bosvark for swatting flies, and the 5.7 BR Plagis’ Spitfire LF Mk IX and 5.3 BR Lancaster B Mk I for my planes. I’m pretty sure I haven’t played this lineup since the Centurion Mk.2 got that BR bump. And the Wyvern can be used at 6.3 BR, but I found the Spitfire is more capable, even in uptiers, and it carries a 250lb bomb for minor CAS work. But if the Lancaster B Mk I didn’t have the 12,000lb bomb, I would likely have the Wyvern back in that slot instead.

Just one man’s opinion. YMMV and all that. Cheers!



The APDS nerf hit hard too, you went from being reliably able to punch through the stronger panthers and angled tigers to ricochets and shells shattered.


If you play the Wyvren S4 to it’s strength’s it’s still effective. Unlike AirRB, GrdRB pilots can be pretty single minded and many are focused on “revenge bombing”. I just keep its speed up and I’m not shy about leaving the area if it’s heavy with enemy planes. The guns and bomb-load will work wonders on ground/air targets.

Unfortunately as per above the British lineup isn’t great, other than the Bosvark/Yesrvark for for anti-CAS. Bosvark has the turn radius of a bus, so plan your route.

I’ve used the Challenger for 6.3 as it has APDS, and the M109 for the HE that’ll smash everything once you learn where to aim.

Other than that I’ve really enjoyed the Eland 90 Mk7 with it’s HEAT at 7.3. Just avoid getting machine gunned, but it’s fast, nimble and hides well, and is hard hitting.

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