Is there a fun bomber exist somewher out there?

So hi there, I am a player who is around level 57, but I still didn’t grinded any rank III or above bombers to do missions with. Except the P108B serie 1, but I certainly will not have the willpower to spade that. It would be also nice If the vehicle would have at least 1000 kg bombs so if heavy bombs needed for a challange or something it can be done. Can you guys suggest anything fun, or at least not deeply terrible vehichle?
Thanks in advance.

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Plz define your understanding of fun.

There are no bombers necessary to fulfil challenges - i got my 3 kills with 1.000 kg or more in a 190 F-8…in Air RB.

T18b is fun and the one with the 57mm even more. It’s classed as a bomber but you are better off fighting planes and the bombs aren’t great. But it’s a fun plane classed as a bomber.

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That’s sounds quite good. Swedish planes wasn’t really on my radar, thanks for the suggestion

Probably something that ain’t flying like a brick and either has enough speed to flee, or arnament to avange itself, while having a satisfiing bombload.
That said you may be right and I would be better just to get a fighter with a big bomb.



Check Japan for the Aichi B7A.


Imho you have to see flying “like a brick” from two perspectives:

  1. Standard users with mouse aim
  2. Experienced users with or without using a HOTAS

A HOTAS with correct settings (and without instructor slides at “on”) allows you to participate in Air RB with Simplified Flight Controls (SFC) without the additional tasks of realistic controls like trimming your plane. You can turn tighter and use manual gunners with your mouse whilst you are able to dodge incoming rounds.

There a few guys able to use stuff like the Ki-67 with frequent aces in it, but it boils down that you have to be better than the average fighter pilot.

A lot of bombers are highly agile, a few of them have decent defensive armament - but none of them has a satisfying bomb load.

As written somewhere else - i do not see the 57 mm version as a bomber (max 400 kg total bombload), and from the pure flight performance the B-18B is far better.

  • The missing bottom gunner of both T-18 Bs is a severe drawback if you got chased by multiple opponents, so even if you are able to win turnfights with lots of single engine fighters, as soon as your team collapses you are dead too if you face multiple opponents.

  • The missing dive brake of the T- 18 Bs makes it way more difficult to reduce energy advantages of incoming enemies and you can’t enforce overshooting of enemies on top of that.

  • The loadout nerf of the B-18B made together with the hidden dispersion & damage nerf of your defensive 13.2 mm cannons the plane way less enjoyable than some years ago, but it is imho the best TT bomber available:

  • In a clean (=no external payload) configuration flown with some experience and situational awareness it is one of the most difficult targets to face in the BR range due to very good climb, high speed at very high alt and insane range of your defensive guns.

I do not recommend this plane due to 2 reasons:

  1. Countless open and hidden nerfs of this aircraft. 5.000 GE is a joke if you have flown this plane when introduced. I flew around 5.000 missions (on an inactive MS/wt account) in it just for fun - in the old axis vs allies world with 1 hour matches. You were able to turnfight with most enemies and could make a difference, the purpose got lost in May 2020 due to the introduction of respawning bases.

  2. Gaijin’s MM policy. Depending on daytime you are pressed in very small lobbies with 4 Ju 288s and just a few German or Italian fighters - in a axis vs allies setup. So thanks to the total incompetent US and USSR fighter players you face severely undertiered enemies - whilst most highly experienced GER & IT fighter pilots stay out of the BR range 5.0 - 7.0.

I would not take a Ju 288 for free on this account due to this. Btw: The 2 x SC 2500 loadout is still missing, despite USSR has the Fab 5.000 at BR 4.3…

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Its not the machine but how you use it. Once you learn how to play bombers pretty much anything becomes “fun” (to the limit of what WT allows).

Totally agree - with some experience it is a very good plane to fulfill daily and special bomber tasks with it.

Most guys are not aware of that 9 x 60 kg kill every base (even in a full uptier) and guarantees a single base kill every match.

If you play it smart tasks like “kill 20 bases” are rather easy to achieve - all you have to do is to keep teammates in bombers with heavy payloads (like Bv 238s or Yer-2s, etc.) alive and drop a single 60 kg on bases. If then your slower bomber mates kill those base it count for you as “base destroyed” - so with some smart decisions you can get ~ 3 base “kills” out of a match…

And - the plane is an excellent fighter, the are just a few fighters better turners…


Well I am sadly a standard user. Worse. I’m even a casual. But that’s why I asked you guys.

No fun to be had with bombers because Gaijin gutted them in favor of fighters, maybe if you try bombing in ground battles

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Oh yeah, another one you might enjoy - the D4Y3 Suisei. Turns even better than the B7A2 at a lower BR, only downside is the… challenging firepower. Bomb load is amazing for Ground RB.


I won’t play the D4Y3 as it is just rank II - but this thing is broken like hell…

You might remember this post:

Ah, a shame. It’s a very fun pseudo fighter and the guns make for a good challenge with its obscenely good turn performance, I just wish they had stuck a pair of 13.2s in the nose instead, or a pair of 20s in the wings. I guess it wouldn’t be 3.0 anymore but it would still be pretty fun.

I pretty much always stick to my forward firing guns in the Suisei, though the 13mm isn’t bad at all. It’s actually a copy of the german MG131.
Obviously using its ability to reload mid-flight to shoot down several AI planes like you pointed out is pretty clever, I’ll have to properly make use of that sometime.


You got enough load for 2 bases, then turn into a heavy fighter that can take care of fighters super nicely.

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B-34 also. And i also liked the Ju88 at the time as it was fast, manoeuvrable and could dive bomb…

Dive bombers were also fun, particularly in naval…dive, kill, climb, reload, repeat…at least until some determinate fighter comes along :)
(Note…i played Stuka a lot, cant say it was a great plane…but the question was “fun”…and i had lots of fun)

Disclaimer…i stopped playing planes some YEARS ago…but this topic reminded my i had lots of fun at the time…

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Imho the B-34 has to be seen in context - in today’s game play with lots of airspawn planes at BR 4.0 and 4.3 they are rather cannon fodder in most matches. They have some “fun potential” in real downtiers, but even in 3.7 battles they are easy prey for B7A2s or Whirlwinds.

The Ju 88s are dead since 2022 - at least in Air RB.

The BR increase of the Ju 88 A-4 from 2.3 to 2.7 and then to 3.0(within 6-8 months in 2022) was the result of adding them to the new Swedish/Finland TT. I stopped playing when it was uptiered to 2.7 as it took way too much effort.

I partially agree that you can have some relaxing matches with the Ju 88 A-1 at 2.0 - but only if you know what you are doing.

So reverse climbing, staying out of spotting ranges and coming in late at very high alt gave me in 144 battles a WR of 80% as the bombload is usually (not in 2.7/3.0 matches) good enough to kill the enemy airfield. Coming in at 7 km alt at top speed makes you a rather difficult target - i lost just 1 plane to an enemy fighter, the other plane was killed by op midmap aaa in 2022…

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I aKtuAlly had a fun little dogfight in the Finnish Ju-88 with a P-38 that apparently couldn’t just outclimb me (unspaded mebe). Dropped the kids off on the bases and he missed his first pass at me and so round n’ round we went down to the deck.
Sometimes the bomber wins.

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