P-51H has to go to 7.0

I’m positive. Every time has been with tracer belts and it was in multiple different planes (FW 190 D13, J2M2, Bf 109 G14). And every time I was paying attention to the person shooting me since I was trying to avoid their shots. All it takes one singular bullet to the wing spars and poof, right wing destroyed. I don’t understand why Gajoob thinks having 4 - 8 .50 cals with high velocity, long range, and a lifetime supply of ammo is a detriment. I’d rather have that over hispanos that jam easily and don’t like setting fires to be honest (not saying they jam on me all the time, but if I tried hosing someone down like I could with .50 cals they’d jam incredibly easily in comparison)

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In my opinion, actually P-51H-5 potential less 7.0 BR in Air RB, 6.7 BR at most

Those start at 8.3.

The La-15, Lim-5, F-84 are all sitting at 8.0.

The later models of the Meteor also sit at 7.7-8.0.

Spitfire Mk24: 3 minutes 27 seconds.
Kikka: 3 minutes 42 seconds.
P51H5NA: 3 minutes 22 seconds.

P51H5NA memes on, without struggle, Su-11s.
I think an F-84G and late Meteor being threatening is a decent challenge once in a while.


The P-51 H-5 never saw combat, neither in WW2 or in Korea - even wikipedia is aware of that dude…

See above - from a holistic view the only correct BRs for late war / post war so called superprops (and the super refers mainly to high octane fuel) are the 2 Spits at 6.7 & 7.0 if you take the Me 262 as reference point.

  • The low BRs of postwar stuff like Yak-3Us can be traced back to “reasons” and “never saw combat” stuff like P-51 H-5 just proves the inherent flaw of gaijin’s BR setting policy by using plain average statistics. I mean even the P-51 D-30 never saw combat in Europe and i am not aware of any kill claims in the Pacific, so putting it at 5.0 is just another prove of this flaw.

Even if you don’t share this opinion - the quantum leap of jet vs props is a fact.

  • So with your claim you want to separate jets from props you support that outdated, but perfected technology is fighting superior technology which solely relies on speed (=decision to flee or engage) but with downsides on all other aspects - despite the fact that both technologies existed at the same time.

  • I mean if you compare the BR setting of a 5.3 A6M5 with irl adversaries with the BR setting of opponents in wt you might get my point - it’s turn advantage is useless if the enemy plays it right, as the A6M5 is simply too slow.

Pulling the P-51 H-5 out the “danger zone” of actual WW2 jets like 262s or stuff like Kikkas just in order to dominate actual WW2 aircraft is imho the wrong approach - and from my point of view your point is not consistent.

Fully agree!

It is not only US AN/M2 0.50 cals able to do that, the JP 13mm and USSR 0.50 cals have similar power at ranges of 0.6 to 1.2 km.

  • I scored for the BP challenge with the Il-8 at least 3 one shot kills on enemy fighters with my gunner - the wings simply snapped off. And ofc i got one shot killed by an ai Il-2 with the same effect. :-)

  • I watched recently a replay of a match on Frontline Korsun as i wanted to see how a guy in a 3.0 D4Y3 was able to kill 3 of my team and on top 5-7 ai Il-2s without landing / rearming. He scored all of his kills with his 13 mm gunner with either one or two shots - just by out turning them and using the extreme large firing angles of his gunner, very skilled player…


it definitely has chance against them. Probably more even than the spitfire mk24, because it’s faster. The Mk24 is a tad faster than the spitfire mk9 at 4.3 below 4km where every jet fights because they cant really climb.


OMG. What’s up with that firing angle. Makes no sense.
I guess it would make sense, if the gun was actually moving on the mounting left and right. At the moment it just looks stupid 😂

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using protection analysis as a valid source to justify how in an average scenario where everyone is maneuvering awayand each plane has different degrees of difficulties aiming at different targets is stooped. You’s need to take into account different scenarios too. Like someone stalled out is going to get 1 shot even by four 7.7s but a tarhet flying at 799kmh true airspeed is probably going to have less chance of getting hit in a critical spot by a 20mm shell traveling at 800m/s than by ten 50 cals traveling at 1100m/s within the span of a second of firing since 50 cals have more ROF than hispanopes.

Yeah…Nawh, Just Nawh.

Also your outright ignoring of some of the other data points is noted. The F-84 just goes I cast 500mph+ and that’s the end of it. If the pilot is stupid that has nothing to do with the P-51H, it’s really not that different than having to deal with the gaijin-modeled A6Ms in a F4U-1, or with variety of other fighters.

Which is basically your reasoning about everything is that the P-51H goes kek I win even though the Kikka is much faster with by your own admission not a severe lack of RoC or accel. Sounds really like someone doesn’t know how to handle a slower more maneuverable opponent, perhaps you should go fight against the 8million UFOs of the IJN for practice.

PS: The SU-11 is a mach 2 Jet from the 1960s also not in the game But I’ll add the LA-200 to the list of opponents at 7.7. Further, the Late Meteors also have something like an extra 10-15meters per second RoC edge over the P-51H, so no.

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No, no more screwing with props.

It’s like the BS with the WWII tanks getting put into battles with cold war vehicles. It’s stupid and nonsensical.

Honestly, just learn to play better. I run the ME-262 up against CONSIDERABLY more powerful aircraft. My stats in that outdo almost anything else I have. It’s not more maneuverable, it lacks power, and it bleeds energy…

It’s about positioning and not getting into fights you can’t handle. Stop trying to make this a skill less game. Eventually there won’t be any competition and it will only be one plane in its own BR.


And where is the P-51H seeing jets from the 50s and 60s, as in, F-104 (introduced in 1958), F-100 (1954), etc?

EARLY jets came in the mid to late 40s, that’s your 262, Kikka, Mig-15, the likes. An F-104 is certainly not “early” by any means.

As if one can’t just exploit their shitty engines. By the time they get some decent speed, they’re fighting F4U 4Bs and LF MK9s.

what is blud waffling about


Uhh I’m pretty sure if you winning fights in a Me 262 against jets like the F-80, F-84, Sea Meteor, Su-11, Mig-9L, La 200, and F2H, it means that the players that are flying them don’t know what they are doing, or threw themselves into that position in the first place. Those planes have nearly every advantage over the Me 262 and all of them are under BRed.

Also if I destroy a P-51H in a A6M5 Ko, does that make the Zero good, no it’s cause the person playing the P-51H put themselves into that position or is incompetent.

The P-51H at 6.3br is blatantly overpowered as well as many other US planes in the tech tree due to their planes being under BRed as well as the majority of US pilots cannot fly their planes right. The literal equal to the P-51H is the Spitfire Mk 24, which is at 7.0br (It should be 6.7br, and the Mk 22 6.3br), and the P-51H should be at the same BR as the Spitfire mk 24.

Also this game is balanced by performance of the vehicle, not by year, the P-51H at the 5.3-6.3br range outperforms every single prop within the BR range in nearly every category.

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Sort’ve my point.

And on the SU-11 front, no idea Alvis said the P-51H-5 could handle it though.

The problem is not the 5.3-6.3 range.

The problem is the 7.7 Range. You can’t just look at the down tier and completely ignore the up-tier, that is simply biased.

It’s like BR compression is a very very well known issue, punishing a single aircraft over it is a foolish notion.

As for the reasoning why the US pilots usually aren’t the best? That’s because of a variety of very interesting coding choices the Developers made to both US aircraft and others, leading them to be not as good at what they should be at (going fast and agile at high speed) and their slower opponents being more capable of defending themselves at ‘high speeds’. Overall, you can’t dogfight with most…and you don’t get the height edge…and your controls stiffen as hard, or harder than everyone else’s over 350mph.

So your in a plane that go fast, doesn’t actual handle properly at high speed, and you don’t have cannons or any other real advantage that a new player is going to know about. It’s like you need to be real good at deflection shooting to have a chance in most WW2 US fighters in Warthunder, and that isn’t something you just roll into the game with.


Then all you do is put the P-51 in the same position as the ME-262. Under powered for its BR range unless it’s in the right hands… I do just fine in the 262 against the aircraft it is drastically under powered against. The Hunter is another great example of an under performant plane but when used well it does great.

Making the aircraft useless is what everyone seems to want. Everyone on this forum wants the skill balanced out of their BR. That is until they are playing in an under powered aircraft and then they want it back to the way it was. So that they can have fun again.

Eventually it’s just this boring vanilla game with no challenges anymore.


Yeah that’s definitely an issue. Every Russian aircraft I’ve played with can turn on a dime and get up to speed in a ridiculous amount of time.

My US aircraft are I guess all just flying cardboard boxes. Their handling sucks and they can’t turn without bleeding all their speed. The only other plane in the RU tree I know that does it is the 21.


Wait till you see the average p51h player. I wish I recorded that one occasion where I won a dogfight on a do 335 against one, that was funny.

Meanwhile the spitfire mark 24 at 7.0 faces 7.7 su11 cancers every game, and it’s not pleasant to say the least


Ah, fighting SU-11s as a Kikka is already painful, so I wager in a prop it’s even worse…

People calling JP planes UFOs have clearly never seen that thing, it manages to out-maneuver/speed a huge chunk of planes at its BR while also being a decent strike aircraft…