Is there a chance for tanks in SB?

I’m very suffering about Gaijin not limiting the spawn point for heli and air in SB tank mode. And there’s no chance for tanks to fight each together, if you spawn a tank you will get bonk by plane and helicopter usually while you don’t have or not research SPAA yet also your team too.
So, please I beg you Gaijin. Limit the spawning points like the tank RB mode please!


There seems to usually be one match with only tanks

The goal of warthunder from the beginning is to make fight between multiple combat vehicules like in 20’s century’s war.
All the mates of each team must master as possible all the types of vehicules for winning. Each mates ot each team have to change roles at different time of the game.

If are capricious & just focus your grind on MBT you are a dead weight for your team.
Now you are bullied and penalize all your mates. It could qualified as toxic attitude & egoism.
It’s just your fault. NOT the fault of the game.

Ps: Other problem is helipad proximity of KA50/52/UHT force most this “”“”“pilot”“” during 5 km and they will not be able to any kill because they are not able to control their vehicule.


Actually, I’m not just focused only grinding tanks, but the issue is I don’t have SPAA to fight back against them. Or the aircraft too, just only MBTs and I keep getting bullied by the aircraft and helicopter made me don’t stand a chance to have any score or points.

It’s your grind choice… & you pay it now.

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Agreed, SB needs to have first-spawn helis with ATGMs disabled just like Ground RB.

Depends of the choppers tow itow are useless got 1/4 range of SAM so no threat for anyone & hellfire are faaaaaar to slow for killing anyone in start of the game & have less range than garbage roland. So no.

I’m all vehicules player i will never put my tracks on tier II spawnkill city maps. (american desert, sun city , abandonned factory, Alaska, ash city, Berlin, cologne, cargo port, golden quarry, japan middle east, sweden are just not fun) Ennemies spawnkill in 30 sec so why spawn a second time? That’s why when you take aircraft it’s not logic to respawn on ground on this map. And this maps are 2/3 of the game.

enable join in progress to get larger matches. Also, play Soviets in GSB High, I get matches instantly.


And then ?