Is the VIDAR worth it?

This thing should go on sale next week at a 30% discount. Sweden has Strv 103-0 as an alternative premium grinder at the same BR but IIRC hull aiming is extremely clunky in this game (don’t know if it’s been fixed or not, it’s been years since I first noticed). However, an SPG that cannot fire indirectly and is huge, unwieldy, and very poorly armored, looks like a troll vehicle to me. :(

For the purpose of grinding the Swedish ground techtree and SL farming, is the VIDAR worth the asking price?

I doubt they will put it on sale. But if yes - it’s first in my wishlist.

Absolutely worthy

8.0 has laser ranging and thermal imaging, p2w.

For the purpose of grinding I would get the CV90105 pack if on sale next week or the Leopard 1A5NO that is currently on sale for half of it’s price in GE. I’ll probably get the VIDAR when it goes on sale but I already own the other two.

I doubt it will be on sale after the disappointing anniversary sale letting out many of the best top premiums but VIDAR is from 3 major updates ago and they are only excluding vehicles from the last 2 major updates, so there is a chance. I will probably take it if it goes on sale, if not I’ll just save my money and keep waiting.

No tank is worth $50 imo, but then again it is Christmas.

Hopefully it’s on sale, what HE round would be best for it? My initial thought is M107 due to the explosive content, but the OE 155 F3 seems like it has a slightly lower amount of explosives, but better velocity.

No store bought vehicles are ever worth it.

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Still they are much better value while on a pack than when they get moved as GE premiums.

The Vidar is an effective tank and Sweden’s lineup at 8.0 is quite good.

If you want to play an HE slinger it’s the best there is.


To each their own, I’m fine with buying discounted packs but I understand if people refuse to drop money on games like War Thunder.


Thanks for your opinions, I’ll keep an eye on the store and eventually buy this premium. :)

I would say so because I keep getting killed by it

It’s on sale, 30% off:

It is fun, been trying it at 10.3+ and killed T-80s and T-72s. But for grinding that CV Pack might be best currently. Nasty critter.

Yesterday bought it. A good complement for the Strv 103-0. In AB and even RB it’s not a META. But in SIM it performs much better.

Hull aiming in the STRV-103 works fine, it’s a little wonky to get used to when you want to look around, but it’s otherwise similar to many other vehicles in the game… you’re protected from the dead-on front, but you don’t want to show your sides.

The VIDAR and the 103 both have LRF at 8.0, which is one of the huge benefits… the APDS on the 103 will ruin a hovering helicopter, which is pretty common at 8.0, and the VIDAR’s prox fuse HE speaks for itself.

The VIDAR can be one of the most effective vehicles on the battlefield, I do expect it to increase in BR again.


You shouldnt buy it because its pay2win

Keep buying stuff like that and it will only get worse… until its just who has the most money will win

Nothing about this game is pay2win, and it’s honestly pretty tiresome hearing f2p players say that.

You can compete, at any BR, without a premium tank.

Anything with a heavy MG kills a VIDAR.

The Vidar is a usable br.6.3 tank in br. 8.0 battles.