Is the US 20mm M3 cannon just a Hispano Mk. V?

The US 20mm M3 cannon is definately some sort of Hispano derivative but it’s hard to find any information on the net.

Someone got an idea? The reason I’m asking is because I find it a bit weird that this 20mm cannon would weigh a mere 29kg, when the original Hispano weight 46kg for just the gun without including the weight of the drum or belt-feeding device.


Nevermind. Sometimes I should actually read the WT Wiki page first:

The Army-Navy Model 3, or AN/M3 for short, was used by both the US Army Air Forces (later the USAF) and US Navy. The cannon was based on the British Hispano Mk.V, itself a modification of the Swiss Hispano-Suiza H.S.404