Is the TOR missile system Russian or Chinese?

The TOR-M2DT is a Russian-made short-range air defense missile system using the TOR-M2 missile launcher station. The system is specially designed to be used in the Arctic region based on the chassis of the DT-30PM tracked all-terrain vehicle which consists of two tracked vehicle units linked by a steering mechanism. Yet only china gets to have it!

I am sure this is made for the purpose of giving China at least some unique vehicles, I don’t have a problem with that personally.

I have nothing against china having it, but at least they could’ve added it to Russia too as a folder with the pantsir as they promised…


It’s built by Russia but it was given to China because China also used it and Russia doesn’t need it as much as China does.

I’d like to see it in the Soviet tree, that being either the TOR-M1 or M2. In my opinion it should’ve been added to the USSR when it was added to the Chinese tree, they said it would get added to the USSR, but we have yet to see this happen.


they said it will been added to USSR TT soon when Tor M1 came into the game (but that time Tor’s performance is really bad, not worth playing it) then Pantsir S1 came, and about half year after Pantsir came, 9M331 finally been buffed to 42G, so USSR’s Tor doesnt been added to USSR TT just because gaijin’s China bias :P

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Ong they should’ve added it to Russia and China at the same time instead of adding the Pantsir

I think Britain or USA should get it, as Ukrainian vehicle :P