Is the suggestions section really useful?

Is the suggestions section really useful?

Hello, I’ve been trying to regularly share ideas that I think are beneficial for War Thunder on a while now, just like many players do. Unfortunately, it seems that Gaijin isn’t paying much attention to our proposals to improve the gameplay or the state of the game.

That’s why I suggest that Gaijin place more importance on feedback from his community, without it being motivated by a threat, as was the case recently with War Thunder’s economy. In fact, I have the impression that they took this step mainly to avoid financial losses mainly from the Chinese community.

Please Gajin, listen to us.

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Lots of people think that their selections should be actioned immediately, or in some short time frame such as a couple of weeks.

But lots of stuff can take quite a while to code, and the updates are full of ideas that have been suggested.

If yours are not in there then either they are still being investigated, or they have been investigated and are not going to be introduced.

I know this is not easy. But when we offer similar suggestions almost daily and the gameplay has remained unchanged for at least five years, while regular updates mainly introduce new planes or tanks, we can legitimately ask: “What about the gameplay?”

They make millions of dollars without even bothering to make us new game modes or even change the battle system like (artillery)!

So what?

That sounds like a successful business model to me.

Also you may be a little surprised just how SMALL Gaijin is… eg see

If you think gameplay has not changed in 5 years, you have ignored the entire 2023 roadmap which drastically changed a lot of aspects of gameplay in about 7 months.

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The suggestions section would be more useful if suggestions weren’t moderated before being able to post. Since they are and Gaijin doesn’t have enough people reviewing suggestions this section becomes the defacto “suggestion” / discussion section for game mechanics. The only benefit of the real suggestion section is specific vehicles which require a bit of a write up / pictures / whatnot.

The gameplay doesn’t change because there’s a new map!!
The gameplay changes for drastic changes of the game system and new additions new to the game such as artillery or game mode. But if you think a map changes the gameplay, you’re completely lost!

But above all, give me the aspects of the gameplay that have changed for you? If you really think there’s been something new?

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Problem is your idea to be posted has to be vetted. While it maybe a good idea and needs discussion further or you may have simular to someone else., it gets rejected from being posted. And your idea could lead to a breakthrough but gets lost

So, this means that Gaijin is only thinking about creating vehicles and no longer focusing on improving our current gameplay, whether it’s tanks (realistic, arcade) or planes (realistic, arcade). In general, these two aspects work best in War Thunder, especially since for boats, no one seems to be interested in them.

Since I arrived in 2020, the game modes haven’t evolved, and no new features or systems have been implemented, except for vehicle and map updates."

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Yes, indeed, especially the problem I see is that the community mostly offers suggestions for vehicles and not for gameplay, as if it doesn’t matter

There are many types of suggestions from raising aircraft off the floor so we can add stickers underneath while customising to simple control issues and what not

Yiu dont even get a notification what happens to it and you cant find them again

You should ignore that section. Anything you mention in General Discussion that Gaijin thinks is an amazing idea, they’re going to implement anyway. Anything they don’t think is a good idea, wouldn’t have gotten accepted into the suggestions forum or would be ignored later anyway.

Nobody’s gonna be like “Damn, that’s the best idea ever, but alas! It’s in GD, our hands are tied!” lol. So there’s really no point in just being censored for basically no reason.

Uh, like 30 different features and systems are listed in the roadmap they just finished, that was all this year alone, except for one item they changed their mind on.

And there were tons of changes to graphics, features, and systems in the 2-3 years prior to that as well.

Yes indeed, but there is nothing major that has revolutionized the way players play (except for vehicles, like Panstir which changed the way to play planes) and the graphics are certainly beautiful today but does not change the gameplay in any way!

I have been playing War thunder regularly every week for more than 3 years, I can tell you that there has been no change in my way of playing except because of some tanks or planes (but otherwise nothing)

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Just the first half dozen things I found that change gameplay this year alone, by no means exhaustive, I just chose half a dozen:

  • Bushes being shot off

  • Night battles disabled

  • One guaranteed fire extinguisher and some baseline repair-to-sort-of-functional ability stock

  • A huge number of map changes that have been the subject of fierce argument for weeks/months

  • Apologies for team kills

  • Credit for partial Cap point capping

Fairly sure it’s 99% a waste of time.

Suggestion sections are beneficial in the sense that useful, detailed, and beneficial ideas will be approved and implemented. Sure, there are a lot of suggestions made every day, but the vast majority of them do not meet the basic requirements and will thus be rejected (for example, I have seen a lot of low-effort suggestions written in 1-2 sentences, which are one example of a suggestion that will not go through the approval process).

As previously stated, there are numerous macro and micro developments throughout the year that add to a considerable improvement in gameplay. I am not sure what you mean by “revolutionize” gameplay, but if you expect the game to dramatically diverge from its core genre into something completely novel (e.g., a space theme, etc.), that is not feasible.

Finally, someone here stated how the suggestions sections would be more valuable if suggestions were not regulated. That is definitely a no. Suggestions will always be checked before posting to remove suggestions that are replicated, plagiarized, or have little to no effort. This is to avoid overcrowding in the suggestions section.


I would say yes. I’ve seen vehicles that I supported added to the game and even those I thought would never work have been added (I’ll admit to being wrong in those cases.) If you expect an instant response you will be frustrated but I’ve been in it for years and I have seen a fair number added.