Is the strv 103 bad or something why is it only 8.0-8.7

I admit I have never played it, so is there anything apart fromt the abovious (no stab, ineffektive armor against darts) that exclude any of the variants from moving out of 8.0 br range?

The janky aiming system and lack of turret. Its a very… situational tank, to say the least. I like it, but it tends to get its transmission shot out and set on fire a LOT.

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It’s a great sniper with its APDS, LRF, and great reload. It is mostly suited for a defensive role where you have the position advantage over your enemies.


The aiming system is not very good, it doesn’t work well on hills.

Enemies with HEAT are a death sentence, they pierce through the armour super easily. You can’t move at all if the engine is destroyed, and it is destroyed often.

It is also very situational, only works in certain positions, and it can’t be played offensively.

I will say- when it works, it works amazingly. The gun is amazing, and it can cut through everything at its BR like butter, with an insane reload. Honestly pretty balanced at its BR imo

It was better before, didnt faced spammed premiums a lot like now. Then APDS changes, which made m/66 useless compared to stock shell. Pretty sad tank right now, engine always on fire and broken.