Is the JAS 39 gripen op?

Hello, i have been wondering if the jas 39 gripen is to op i mean like it is still in use. I dont have it but i am close.

it is still good

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Recently the “game play” of it kinda toxic but effective btw but meh, UK and Swe with full Gripen on top-tier still better then all other.

  • Straight to the enemy with full AIM-9
  • Auto-drop flare (if u got the C version in UK tech tree, you got more).
  • Profit.

Personally i don’t think Gaijin won’t make any change soon, it’s just like the F-16 spam and F-14 spam since the US dominant.


it will never happen because how small sweden playerbase is i rarely see more than 2 gripen in my games
gripen will shine after fox 3 update now gripen is pretty average

honestly i think its the other way around. right now its great. with fox-3s itll be average because it only gets 4

but the C will have 8 pylons which will make gripen into a missile bus 4 9M 4 amraam will be gamechanger

you know 2 of those pylons can’t carry missiles


the A and C can only carry 4 radar missiles. the tip rails only carry IR missiles. the E variant added additional missile rails.

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it is very depend on the skill some people may do very well on it but I will say su27 is better for the player who have less skill.

You are thinking of the Gripen E, which has 2 additional pylons for AMRAAM on the belly. Gripen C only has 6 AAM hardpoints, Any that can currently carry Skyflash, will be able to take AMRAAM if/when they add AMRAAM to the Gripen C.

As for the actual question. No I dont think it is truly OP. It just fits the meta well.

With many matches in WT descending into a close range brawl, a delta wing like the Gripen, with good overall performance, just fits well. Combine with 6x Aim-9M and a large CM pool and it just well suited for the natural enviroment on WT matches.

Though is also worth remembering, that anyone who has mainly been playing Sweden or Britain in the past year, has been forced to play 11.3s vs 12s and then 12.3s. So have had nothing but constant uptiers. Those that learnt to deal with that and manage to compete over the course of the past year are just steam rolling in the Gripen as they are no longer playing at a massive disadvantage.

Nothing left for them to nerf anyway, some minor tweaks remain in its FM. But everything left is now buffs. It has a placeholder F-16 radar, the actual radar I think is better. BOL rails are missing if you run Skyflash and missing centre line A2G weapons (where the fuel tank is currently). Might end up at 12.7, but I doubt it.


Im pretty sure gripen e has 3 missile pylons on the belly

It might? But that hard point already exists, just gets additional wiring for an AAM

Edit yes it does. The centre line is upgraded to take AMRAAM


Im happy to help

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The 39A also had Amraams, even the god damn JA37D had it, it will be chaos, and If they make a specific AMRAAM BR there would be 2, one for super advanced aircraft, and one for Viggens and Phantoms to just go around and kill eachother

even after the “nerfs” it’s still the best dogfighter in the game After THE yak41 but as a matter of how air RB goes it should be 13.7-flight performance wise and armament wise. Knowing that “flare and change direction instantly” is not really the solution to deter aim9m’s.

it literally has no competence.

which is why on the quiet i’m really hoping that Gaijin hard lock aircraft that have AMRAAMs into a BR where they can’t see aircraft that do have it.

best way to counter 9M is to preflare as its seeker temporarily shuts off if there are flares in its view and thus cant be fired.

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I mean, it’s not really viable if you don’t have a lot of flares. But dumping flares and turning is the best way of defeating one.