Is the JAS 39 gripen op?

Sort of, you also have to mid turn change directions.
This video explains it well (its a great video in general for all IRCCM missiles):

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Is that BOL with the AMRAAM?

Yes. Bug report is in for it. Should also have BOL with Skyflash too

Now they just need to re-buff BOL


Will probably be too late by the time or if they do. I have a pretty large suspicion they are gonna increase map size since they giving us more air spawns in a long line, so the gripens flare advantage will become less important since we will see so much less IR unfortunate timing really

For the Gripen, probably. But the BOL nerfs were universal. The most heavily affected aircraft are the Tornado F3/ADV and Harrier Gr7 which will continue to see IR missiles.

Though even then. They also massively nerfed BOLs chaff effectiveness as well. which will be impactful in the ARH meta likely coming


didnt know about the chaff being hit hopefully we see it fixed soon before june

Yep, fingers crossed. To be honest, they need to actually model BOL as BOL and not flares


But yeah, heres hoping they will fix it as part of the CM overhaul hopefully coming in June


chat can I get the link?

I think it may have been an internal one filed by Gunjob

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chat can we get flaming taco vomit modelled?


“Good” is an understatement. It’s nowadays after the “horrible” half degree turn rate nerf" the best plane along the su27.

and F-16C.

Do you ever stop

Absolutley ,ive had a blast playing it , the stock grind istn too bad once you get bol pods, and ive been getting regular 3-4 kills games ,12.7 matches usually last 7 min so id recommend flying centre and catching the people on the right off guard

would looks great at night in wt, though since the gripen gets soo many countermeasures i could see some performance lagg caused by people spamming it on takeoff, idk, otherwise they should