Is the j35xs Jet Worth It? Major Concerns Over Potential 50% Turn Rate Nerf in War Thunder

I am thinking of acquiring the j35xs, but I am somewhat worried about the news of this possible nerf of almost 50% turn rate reduction. Will this really be implemented in the game? If so, the BR of the j35xs should be drastically reduced, but considering it’s War Thunder, it might take years for that to happen. If this nerf is really implemented, there should already be a BR reduction, maybe to 10.0. What do you all think about this? Also, it’s a jet with a quite high price to be a premium, so it would be disappointing if it has poor performance.


if i am not mistaking it says here (Fixed) so it should be done and already nerfed.

as for the plane it’s not really worth it nor worth the 70$ specially after the nerf, tbh the entire swedish Air TT isn’t worth grinding. you completely lack CAS and have bad-mid planes till you reach the gripen.

They wont even let it do a cobra wtf…
Time to go dig up 30000 draken docs…


It’s not yet implemented. Should be seen on dev server though and eventually next major.

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I’d genuinely like to see the documents that said that that’s correct, because I can highly, highly doubt that a plane that can Cobra can’t turn well, the entire science and show of the Delta wings is to be more maneuverable, I call BS. If they are going to nerf its maneuverability, they need to decrease its BR, and give it a viable way to tell a missile to piss off.

Yeah, the plane invented the cobra
I wish I had that manual, I have the one for the danish one but not the J35F…

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Yeah, technically the XS is a J35F2, you can find manuals online, but they cost money, and who tf would buy a flight manual for money?

I would tbh
The draken is unironically my favorite jet aircraft, I might buy it in a week or two

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Here’s some of them for free, just have to make an account

Keep in mind, these are for the trainer version, so the drag force and weight is much higher therefore the performance will be worse.

The Kite is cool, but we need more variants in game, like the Johan and Gustaf.

Ive already got those, its the specific source he used that is paywalled ;-;

Not cool, it will need a BR drop if they are going to nerf it, like probably to 9.7…

It already fights F-4’s in uptiers, let alone a MiG-23 with R24R. And no flares and chaff.

I do think the danish variant contradicts the values he stated, I just need to comb through it

Better or worse? The one he may have is the trainer version.

nah man, someone pops out of no where nerfing very specifique vehicles that 2 of them are premiums with sources that are only shared between gaijin and the author and knowing gaijin we can’t trust them for anything, i am 100% this guy is a liar


Ill be getting the manuals next week, so I should be able to crossrefrence and check.

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I have barely looked at flight manuals before, so I dont even know what im lookin for


where are you going to share your info about the flight model? in this post or in a seperate post?

Probably here. If anyone else wants to help I would be glad, I can probably send the documents via discord or something.

Idk, charts, graphs, anything that looks important, and try to figure out what it says.