Is the j35xs Jet Worth It? Major Concerns Over Potential 50% Turn Rate Nerf in War Thunder


So pretty much, what I’m reading, is the maximum G load on the airframe and flaps is 7 G’s at 0.94 Mach or less. If it is more than 0.94 Mach, it can be anywhere from 1-4 G’s before the flaps stop working more than their max.


Jesus christ how tf do I read this
If I am correct that looks like absurd turn rate tho

You Mach is you X axis, and your vertical is probably G force in some form of acceleration.

Iirc from what I saw on a mig21 flight char thing
The Y axis is °

Sure, it isn’t labeled from the photo you sent, but idk. Either way, all it’s telling me, is that the nerf is total bogus.

Edit: it’s your altitude multiplied by 1000

Apparently the dude that submitted the report is kinda known for lying about their ‘math…’

And there’s also the fact that for at least one of the changes it’s already been said that it wouldn’t change if I’ve understood it correctly.

There’s also the nerf from the same guy trying to ruin the turn rate of the JA37C too…

The manual describes situations for when it turns 25°/s


Bear in mind this is a heavier draken meant to use bombs, and with more systems.

Atleast the JA37C report was listed as ‘not a bug’ so someone on the balance team noticed the blatant lie.


Im going to yank the sk35 manuals, see how they comapre.

Well, so is the Johan, but it retains its flight performance in real life.

Well good news.
After doing some calcs off those numbers, we end up with it being able to do a ~180° turn in around… six seconds- assuming 600 KIAS.

(Found MPS then figured out how far it would have to travel, peob inaccuraye but ill redo it later)

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No you’re 100% completely wrong. Besides his report’s have been back by various tech mods and Smin himself.

This means he doesn’t have that 50% curve nerf? Share this information so they don’t nerf it.

You mean “correct” right?

Yes as i mentioned someone saved the viggen. Too bad they are still kinda mid flight performance.

They are false corrections, if you look at any manual youd see he’s wrong and this isnt exclusive to the viggen its something the guy is doing because hes a troll. Especially since the guy doesnt need to show the actual info within his ‘source’