Is the is-6 worth buying?

Whats up I have a question is it worth buying the is-6 on the 6 maja promotion?, I already have a t10a and I wonder if it would be a good complement to the t10a and su-11

It’s good but isn’t what it used to be.

It can take a beating until HEAT or a rocket comes at you.

Can slay maus… good money maker and very nice on simulation.


I have the T-10A and IS-6 and think they are a great combo at 7.7. Play it like the T-10A and you’ll be pretty well off.

yup… pretty much what Gobstrach said…

Its good… i got it. and then shortly after they nerfed the bajaysus out of it (just upped its BR, … it wasnt a HARD/severe nerf… but it was still a nerf)

The stab makes a huge difference even though its a single plane, there was a lot of head-on engagement I wouldn’t had won if it weren’t for the stab allowing me to point at the target quickly.

Not anymore. You’re better of getting the T0-55 and jump right to 8.0. This tank is just a T-54 with a full stab at the BR as the tech tree ones.

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Surely the TO is more expensive? Cost effectiveness I’d vote IS6

Doesn’t matter if it’s cheaper if you can’t get any use out of it.

I’m literally living proof you can, I’ve not long unlocked all its camos and it excels in simulation mode where it does me great service… so… I get great use thank you very much. IS 3, 4 and 6 in a roster is menacing.

And cost means something if money is tight…

If you don’t have money to spare why would you buy a pixel tank?

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What’s your KD and Kills/Match in those tanks?

Sim is terrible for grinding.

is the Tornado ids pack worth it?

Sim is great RP and SL if your good

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My KD record is poor because I used to roll out thinking I was Immortal

148/150 realistic.
45/38 simulation.

On a good match I’ll get 2/3 kill, 1 assist and a base capture. That’s like 30-40k give or take from one vehicle before double strikes, adamant etc…

Matches take far too long and you don’t get enough rp for the few kills you get. Grinding should be done in GRB.

Don’t you think you would do better in the TO-55?

Never used it, as this player is considering a IS6 one would assume they are avoiding higher tiers…

Bruh the TO is 0.3 higher than the IS-6. Both will be in 8.7 games 9/10 times.

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I dont know why I thought it was 8.7 or something than 8.0. More RP, less SL for the TO… HEAT and sabot…

It is currently cheaper to buy right now and will be cheaper come the 5/6th may.

I like the IS6 my first statement sums it up… if you wanna speed run USSR take the TO-55.