Is the "Duplicate" Ito 90M from Swedish TT in French TT supposed to be there?

I was just looking through tech trees while noticing the Ito 90M being 2 places. (both Finnish)

i know that Sweden is the one holding the Finnish Sub-tree but like. Is this intentionally duplicated into the French TT? or not? Just curious to know because its sort of confusing seeing the exact same vehicle in another tech tree.

They have the exact same stats and everything. Hope someone can give me a reply on why there’s a duplicate SAM SPAA.

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The Ito 90M uses a SAM system developed in France and was added long before Finland

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Alright appreciated, it just seems strange for me to see the Finnish flag on both of them. also from what i see the one in the French TT has the Finnish Icon in the name, the one in Swedish TT doesnt. But thank you

Its crotale NG on a Finnish chassis. Instead of the concept model it just uses the Finnish one.

They could add alternatives, but this is cheaper and easier to do.

Ah, makes sense then. Thanks!

Guess i learn something new everyday then, Thanks!

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Finnish chassis, French gun
While i don’t think France every intended to use this thing themselves, i’m guessing Gaijin decided to just give it to them as there currently isn’t any other SPAAs for them in that BR

France uses towed Crotale NGs, just no self-propelled versions
The weapon system was mounted to like a dozen chassis but Gaijin went the easy route and copy-pasted the Ito for France instead of modelling a new vehicle


The french one was here before the addition of the Finish tech tree

Yeah but both Ito’s came at the same time, besides the finnish were already a part of the swedish air tree and one spaa for the ground so i dont think it really mattered. Im just happy both nations got a good spaa.

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