Is the A-4E missing two rocket pods?

So I noticed on the A-4E that there’s two mounts on the wings that are empty but there plenty of space for two more rocket pods plus the jet can hold a lot more weight.

Is there a historical reason why its like this?

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Edit: I found an ordnance chart. On the left most column go to code R-1. FFAR rocket pods on in a 1-2-3-2-1 configuration.


Is there any reason behind them not putting 3 rocket pods on those pylons?

I’d assume those pods are omitted because of the undercarriage covers, which in the case of the Skyhawk protrude quite a bit in that direction…

i have no idea. Maybe the pod would sit too close to the gear or something. I would have no idea where to find that information.

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It could have something to do with the flaps

That would make sense. Been a while since I have flown the a4 so I forgot how far out the landing flaps go.

Found this here:

Note that LAU-3 and LAU -10 are only carried in two’s on stations 2 and 4…

You’re late to the party xD

Have you found any reason why? I’m not at my computer so it’s hard to tell if there’s any mechanical interference.

Hey, you smuggled that in later, didn’t you?!? = )

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I doubt that. Don’t see where they could collide. Gear doors seem more probable to me.

The inner side of the TER can physically be loaded up with small stores however there is a reason why they are not. Clearance of the bulged main gear door is minimal, plus pylons and weapon mounts are designed with a small degree of movement to cope with the loads during flight., added together they make launch conditions ‘interesting’. The logical solution was simply to not authorise stores in this location.

Pictures can be found that show all TER points occupied, but the are invariably in display conditions only (eg the A-4 on USS Midway museum). The A-4 was not alone in such issues eg the F-4 also had similar restrictions, late Hawker Hunters had modified flaps to allow greater drop tank clearance, F-8 cheek pylons differed pt/stb to alow refueling probe clearance.

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I smuggled something in??? No I didn’t! You’ll have to prove it! I don’t smuggle anything, only legal items to be found here!

I’d assume it’s just standard practice to keep pods off of that pylon, maybe from exhausting gases damage flaps or gear. I honestly have no clue.

Haha, jus’ joking. Could have sworn that table wasn’t there when I first read through the thread, but funny that we both found the same…

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