Is Strela-10M2 better SPAA then Pantsir?

Is the update for the Strela-10M2 make the Strela better then the Pantsir or not?

Probably not. Maybe for close range, but losing the good radar, super long range missiles and guns is probably not worth the tradeoff if you play toptier.

you’re asking if a very close range light SAM is better than a Medium range SAM

well at close ranges maybe? but the Pantsir will clear the sky before Strela gets a chance to shoot

Well consider the Pantsir require the rocket guided behind the target while the Strela has the fire and forget mode. I wonder after update make the difference between them. It has nothing do with google search noob mongaroth.

Strela is more consistent than the Pantsir, and arguably more fun to play IMO, but it lacks a ton of what makes Pantsir, Pantsir.

For close range, it’s without a doubt better.