Is Something Wrong With Map Rotation?

Over an approximately 24 hour period between the day before yesterday and yesterday I played 15 matches.

Of the 15 matches, 12 consisted of the same exact map.

I played the same BR and same aircraft for all 15 matches.

The map was Sinai and the BR was 10.0.

Was this some coincidence or is something wacky with the map rotation?


“Map rotation” they said.

The game has had map rotation quite bad for quite some time, there are days when you only play on two maps, there is a point where I thought that they had removed maps from the game, and in fact I know that they are still there because a friend I played some of them recently.

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Map rotation is really weird. I play all BR but I’ve only played the Aral Sea once in the past 12 months. There are probably others too.

The truth is, when they made these larger maps (about when they added City as a map for air RB too I think?) they HEAVILY reduced map variety. Currently at 10.0+ you can only see 10 or so maps. You can check this in the map ban menu now.

It seems they canceled complete the presents of maps, where one cap is closer to Red, another closer to Blue and the 3rd cap in the middle.
99% I see only one single cap, which eliminates any sense of strategy

They said they’d do this because battle is too “campy” i.e. another instance of long range vehicles being squeezed to the sidelines. Most players prefer short fast matches.

Map rotation in Ground Assault mode has been non-existent for months. You get a map you hate, so you leave, next match with another nation tank you get the same map, so you leave again, and this can go on and on for a whole hour. Maybe this is intentional by Gaijin, to discourage people from playing Ground Assault. Dunno why though. But it is certainly working in my case.

What they said and whats behind the curtain is a different story. Its clear that with such maps, you die faster and earn less EPs

Both things are true. It’s a double win for Gaijin.

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