Is radar on spaa is bug?

radar on spaa 3 month ago can go down but now is can’t why ? is that a bug ?

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Knowed bug.

more likely yet another one of the many recent game and/or server downgrades … Gaijin can’t be bothered to deal with syncing vehicle model, detection model (for arcade & game modes with detection brackets) and damage model that can change at a whim during battle so they ripped it out of the game

there’s ton of that, aircraft collision detection has been downgraded to aerial judo wrestling, trees and other map objects not getting destroyed when shot (why bother syncing stuff like that), game no longer bothers to properly sync vehicle locations at long ranges … best visible in heliPvE or airRB when attacking moving AI targets (there the game completely offloads this to client side and the game shows completely wrong unit location), but even PvP battles aren’t much better when using weapons at very long ranges and you can all the time see tanks diving into terrain or sliding sideways in nonsensical direction before synchronization sobers up and starts actually doing something. The ATGM guidance “update” was also mostly about significantly cutting down synchronization polling rate for ATGM control inputs which is why the missiles are overcorrecting so ridiculously much (far too few control inputs and far too late with far too big gaps between them). And that’s on top of helicopter ATGMs (and rockets) having built in wallhack that completely ignores stuff like trees, again because synchronization is too much of a hassle (fire rocket or ATGM from ground vehicle at a tree and it detonates on the tree, fire the same rocket or ATGM from helicopter at the same tree and it passes clean through)

Etc, etc, etc … welcome to DowngradeThunder


This been a known bug for over 2 months now.

My biggest problem with it, is that it still uses the time of the radar deployment animation to start and stop your SPAA’s radar…

Very interesting read