Is naval underrated

[Is naval underrated?]
  • Yes
  • only for coastal
  • only for bluewater
  • No

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ADHD kids incoming to tell you its snooze fest.

Its a snooze fest.


Its bad because it spawns you into direct line of sight of enemy ships

Naval is boring to me. I want to play cruisers with big guns, not destroyers that can barely do any damage to other ships. It’s all too slow too, but I guess that’s just how it is irl.

Also, matchmaking is a mess. First, I’ve not seen any country separation, and second, your WW1 bluewater ship faces a Cold War coastal ship that can anihilate you.

It’s just so horribly implemented, at least from my pov.

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As an NF main kinda has always been no matter the seven trees or thirteen branches or the maps & gamemodes.

Most of the vessels will give a great SL in come thanks to a good sub Rank IV economy but grind is an absolute atrocious for some things & the balance between branches economics are hellish take two destroyers a predecessor class & a successor class with one being Rank II while the other Rank V with the former making good SL in battles while the latter can but is subjected to daft ammunition & repairs costs like it’s a DD/CL from pre 2.01 resulting in even matches without gains, Plus BR placements can be terrible with several useless things sporting high BR’s while absolutely devilish machines having low BR’s.

If you want fast pace action play AB but slower & slightly more realistic play RB.

I feel like eventually gaijin will have to add semi/modern missile carriers etc so the anti ship missile will actually have a use 🤣

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Cruisers meet bigger ships too, not just destroyers…

Something like KV-1 facing R3 right


I gave Coastal RB a go and managed to get into 3rd rank.
I played Japan and the overall impression is that the game design is not cohesive.
There are many things that doesn’t seem to make sense designwise there.
Most obvious would be the aim system, it doesn’t really work for small ships and starts to click only when you get a ship with big caliber gun. So if you skip Coastal and go straight for Bluewater it might work better from the start.

Also the ship classes didn’t really feel like they were complementing each other or were meant to fight each other. At BR, I played, you just need fast ship and fast firing guns with decent damage. If you don’t have speed or damage, you are out of luck.

I could go on, but the tl dr for Coastal is that it feels very unfinished and fun isnt there yet. The only fun part is that you just go to some cap point and shoot bots in the mean time, while they are running around, but there isn’t really any tactics or strategy to it.

EDIT: From what I have read and heard, the submarine event was really good, so submarines could make coastal a lot more fun when released.

They botched it with how they tried to implement it at first with coastal ships. I think this was done so that they could be easily implemented into ground and air battles, however the community was understandably upset. At the time Gaijin said they’d NEVER do capital ships, but look where we are.

The BR’s are so screwed up that WW1 Dreadnoughts are at end of WW2 BR’s for the rest of the game, I believe this is down to coastal ships.

I want to play naval and buy premiums, seems nobody is playing lol