Is myoko worth buying?

Hello, I have a question if it is worth buying myoko, I already have mikuma but the study of the tree is going very slowly, and I am wondering if it is worth buying mayoko for mikuma?

The idea is not to lose the mikuma in a battle. Not to burn up more ships.

6.0 cruisers have a higher rate of fire than 5.7. More cannons and damage, more points for you. You could use Mikuma in a BR 6.0 Rank V lineup to even grind BR 7.0. Yeah, I would go with Mikuma, especially for events where you can use it as Rank V lineup for more points. It will also be great to grind any ships that come out later (even at lower BR) as well.

Edit: Don’t forget Mikuma has 24 torpedoes, Myoko has 16. Myoko has tons of AA turrets, though, so it also depends on your playstyle.