Is my impression or something is going on with general player quality?

Is it me or does it feel like we are getting more bots and more players from other regions which are too good to be fun to compete with?

It’s a topic I wasn’t thinking until yesteday when I encountered the dumbest bot in ages (probably was broken) and getting my ass kicked way too fast and too often by players who are darn too good and apparently use a different character set than latin alphabet.

…but this couid also be the completely non-rigged matchmaker reacting to me foolishly activating a +15% XP bonus.

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No, it’s not just you. :-)

It’s not just you the bot population has just been steadily growing through the years I have noticed they have begun dispersing through the Br.'s more though. For a good long time they were mostly sticking around the 9.7 Br. area as most of them were in Su-7’s or Harriers, the ones using Su-7’s were funny to watch as they tended to be so fast the airfield SAM’s couldn’t kill them so they would make wide circles around it till they did.

that was me…

I only play realistic ground battles on Xbox, is there anything I should be aware of?

No you don’t need to worry for ground matches you might see the odd players frozen in the spawns doing nothing from time to time but that’s about it, if anything their easy kills if you pay attention to the enemy especially in air battles.

Sorry for the delayed response I got SiLeNcEd" on the 9th of Jul by the mods for triggering them with my profile, I still need to update it to reflect the current situation.

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If you remember, they were to close down the Chinese servers (I’m not sure if this affected any others) which led that player base to the main game.

I wouldn’t doubt a large portion of users made new accounts with the main branch after the Chinese branch was shut down, what impact it had on the main branch we don’t know that’s information we users don’t have access too.

That’s what I mean, that’s why we are having all of these other users with different letters in their names (I don’t know what their alphabet is called)

It’s called Mandarin it’s a logographic alphabet made up of symbols to represent meanings rather than sounds.

The current problem isn’t stemmed from them at least not entirely no the bot issue has been a growing issue for a long time, it is mainly due to the games poor economy which through many of years has forced some to find ways to ease their grind which resulted in the current issue.

I knew what the language was called I just don’t know the letter system

Hmmm… that’s an interesting take on why certain gamers are a PITA.

Important to know here is that I came from dota, there’s a large chinese exodus from chinese server to SEA and most of them has the most expensive set ever yet play like actual dogs, i think the only good chinese community is chinese online singleplayer mobile games. I would not slander chinese genshin and honkai community purely because they’re so good.