Is modern ships even possible in this game?

It has been ages since battleships enter the game and since then little changes happen in the gameplay of naval battles.There is no breakthrough progress has occurred like missiles enter air battles and modern mbts enter ground battles.So I wonder wheather the game developers really want modern ships or not.Will we be able to see that day when really breakthrough happens in naval battles?

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There are already modern ships in the game

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I mean those with really functional guided torpedoes and big antiship missles,like pr.183r ,pr.205mr ,project 68u

They have tested guided torpedoes in the past, and the current missile craft ingame can use their missiles in the same way an ashm works, they will come.

It’s bound to happen, but IMHO there should be a hard cut-off between the current bluewater mode and modern AShM. Maybe they should make it like Israel - you cannot unlock it until you reach certain rank (in this case: Rank V in either coastal or bluewater).

But no way in hell we should be forced to cope with missile-armed warships in WW1-era dreadnoughts, or even WW2 battleships. If I want to take them in - sure, allow me to, like I am allowed to take G-5 reserve coastal into battleship match, but AShM missile-armed warships shouldn’t be just attached to a higher BR of the existing bluewater navy for obvious balancing issues. (Also: the existing missiles that we have in game are completely out of whack and unrealistic (e.g. USS Douglass never carried RIM-24A, and RIM-24A was a SARH missile, not SACLOS))

Also: How about we first have a working surface-search radars and countermeasures, before we start looking into more modern vessels?


I hope so ,my patient is running out.

Even now, that time has not yet come. The Big Seven, including Nagato and Mutsu, have not yet appeared, so it is unlikely that they will be added any time soon. However, if things continue as they are, the time will surely come when they will be added. Let’s wait patiently until then.

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Surface search radar is definitely needed and many ship in the game already had it. I don’t know why they don’t make it have its function

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I think guide torpedos should and need come sooner than people expected, since the coastal fleet can hardly fight against battleships and cruisers already.


The addition of guided torpedoes would be interesting and would pose a real threat to big, lumbering behemoths like battleships. I’d love to see them.

An in-match switchable torpedo modes would be a much better move to begin with.
E.g. Japanese torpedoes could have their mode changed with a single switch while already loaded into the launcher.
German G7 torpedoes were famous for having a program steering (FaT and LuT).
Then there were switches for the depth setting and fuses.

Let’s have these basic settings implemented first, before we move into the actual guided torpedoes (and in-before: Yes, homing torpedoes were employed in WW2 already).


I think guided torpedoes and anti-ship missiles would just break the game at this point.

For instance, the Mk88 ADCAP has a 38 km/24 mile range at 102 kph/63 mph. It’s wire guided, has active homing capabilities,has a 294 kg/647 lb warhead, and is resistant to countermeasures.
This isn’t even the most advanced version.

Even an older (late 60’s) Exocet anti-ship missile has a range of 40 km/25 miles, and skims the surface at 1148 kph/ 713 mph (mach .93), and has a 165 kg/364 lb warhead. There would be zero defense against it.

Even if you added modern cruisers and battleships, they would have to add advanced anti-air missiles to counter them (so you can forget flying a plane within 100 miles of a ship) and CIWS to counter them.

Let’s get the larger WWII stuff added and backfill the tech trees, expand the minor nations, and decompress the BR’s before it gets too ridiculous.

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I don’t think their performance will be a big problem in the game.Aim9m,r27er and aim7f also smash over mig15 and f86. The problem is we need to find a way to balance them. After finding proper countermeasure and br ,everything will be fine.
Air to air missiles in the game is developed step by step,from 9b ,9e,7d all the way to 7m,9m. Advanced anti ship weapons should also develop step by step. A 21century weapon cannot come out of nowhere

We aren’t even talking about 21st century weapons. These are 60’s and 70’s weapons. If added to the game, ships would not even be able to detect them before exploding. It would be like a gun fight in a phone booth. We’d need much larger maps as just a start.

We don’t even have submarines yet, and those are going to be introduced as WW2 examples with unguided torpedoes. The missiles we have on ships are surface to air missiles that can be used on ships, but are not that effective. People still don’t seem to like them.

It may get to the point that these are added, but there is a long way to go to fix the existing issues and fill out the trees with the dozens and dozens of missing ships from WW1 and WW2 first.


It’s not even '60s and '70s. Homing torpedoes are literally WW2 weapon. Fielded and used in WW2.
Radar-guided AShMs again: started in WW2, see: ASM-N-2 Bat (1945) And then we have missiles from '50s, such as KSShch (1955) or far more famous and mass-produced P-15 Termit (1958) with 454kg HEAT warhead, active radar homing and a range of 40 kilometers.


It’s regrettable how in thi new forum I’ve yet to learn how to qoute what others say via mobile but odd note we used to have a WWII Homing torpedo in game which wasn’t usable as a homing torp an even then was worse then the conventional torpedo but the G7e Mod T5a was a torpedo found on the S-38b Schnellboote & Type 1939 Folttontorpedoboot T31, Back when it was in game there was a few topics on them for getting activated iirc.

If re-added it probably wouldn’t be too op as the thing went 14kts which is slower then nearly all non barges or turning corvettes…

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Bigger map is definitely needed. In fact, we already had them ,just in the enduring confrontation naval battles, those maps are big enough for ashms. The submarine is also a very interesting topic. It will be a definitely benefit if added into the game.
Most ashms fly under one mach.It is not very difficult to detect them .We just need some counter measures to encounter them, like chaff and CIWS. Also we should definitely avoid WWII battleship meeting ashm by putting ddgs into higher br.
Overall I don’t think there is a significant barrier that stops the game developer from putting ashms and guided torpedoes into the game. It is only a matter of if they want it or not.
In fact, if the developer want it, I think we could definitely see advanced anti-ship weapons before the end of next year

There are already a bunch of guided torpedoes during the cold war in the game,like 53-57,set40 and set65. They just don’t function properly

We already have chaff launcher on some ships. Such as Mark 36 SRBOC decoy system on PG02, MK 28 MOD O chaff rocket launching systems (aka zuni chaff launcher) on USS Newport News, and PK-16 decoy launchers on Pr.12412 and Pr.12412P. We also have CIWS such as AK230 and AK630 in game. They just didn’t function properly yet.

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These are extremely rare exceptions.

There’s over 400 ships in the game. Less than 2% have any means of actively defending against incoming missiles, even if such mechanics would be accurately implemented.

It’s basically a non-factor regarding whether AShMs should be added or not.