Is MiG-21SMT radar broken?

I can’t do anything with this radar. There’s no modes to choose from, and I can’t lock targets. Does this radar do anything?

Yes, In fact it does something.

If you want to know the details press F1 while test flying and choose the “Radar” section
or watch a detailed guide on the usage of WT Radars on YT

I got all the keybinds setup, and have used plenty of other radars. This one isn’t doing anything.

Weird, the Saphire 21 is one of the better ones at low br’s, it tracks while others are already done, thats why R3R is such a menace
But since its not DP dont expect to track while theres lots of ground clutter

I’ve been using the R3S’s. I wonder if that why?

R3S are rear aspect IR missiles while the R3R’s are SARH - radar guided

So yeah, it could be it

I’ll have to give it another try tonight. I did try R3R’s for a couple matches last night and couldn’t get anything to even show up on my radar. And the radar still lacked any modes to choose from. I also noticed that it seemed to lack an ACM mode.

I do have cyclic switching of aircraft turned off, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. 🤔

Ahhh now I understand
Yes, no ACM mode so naturally trying to use the keybind for it won’t do
Use your Lock Radar/IRST button to change from SRC to the ACQ mode - pretty much identical to ACM
now it will lock on planes

pressing your Lock Radar button while the SRC mode picked something up will automatically change to ACQ and lock onto that thing

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This solved the issue. Thanks for the help. o7

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