Is it worth linking my Xbox account to the PC?

Is it really worth linking my Xbox account to the PC?? If so will i regret it?

You mean linking it so you can play the console account on a pc?

No just fully transfer my account so i can use the marketplace

Oh yea, way better. I did it and I’ll never look back.

What will i lose if i do it?

I didn’t lose anything. You have a chance to lose premium time and GE though. The advantages are well worth it because you can get a lot more vehicles and have access to more in game options for graphics and stuff. If you don’t want to transfer, you can always just play your xbox account on the PC client.

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What do you need by that? So if i put my account on the pc and still have on the Xbox will i still be able to use the Marketplace?

You just need to link your email to the gaijin account. You won’t have access to the marketplace, and any pack purchases need to be made on the xbox. That is why I think transferring is a much better option.

Can i always transfer my account back to my Xbox once i transferred to the PC?

It creates a clone of your xbox account and you can play both independently from the point you made the transfer.

And still have my marketplace items that i’ve bought on the Xbox account version, like if i bought the Object 292, and profile icons?

No, they are treated as completely separate accounts from the moment of transfer. Nothing is shared.

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Oh ok, Thanks for the info