Is it possible to see a A-10C or other variants in the future

So am just curious here but could A10 Gal 8 avenger use the same ammunition from the Mk44 Bushmaster ll Chain Gun like for example it’s apfsds ??

Seems like it

But don’t expect it to come to the game as we would need proof that they used the APFSDS on the A-10 specifically.

I dunno. I just wouldn’t want my engines to suck in all those sabots while firing…

Sabot of APFSDS/APDS shells that are 30mm in caliber aren’t simulated though no? So this wouldn’t be an issue in-game.

Plus, not accounting for the speed of the aircraft, the sabot petals travel nearly as fast as the dart itself (and to different angles). So how is it even feasible for the engines to catch the petals?

I believe it does have them, but they won’t put it in game for balance reasons. It had pretty much the same pen as the bushmasters.

Yes its possible in the future mate

I don’t hate the idea for the A-10C to come. i’ll give it the BR of 12.3 with 4 aim-9M
s after the AV-8 B harrier