Is it possible to see a A-10C or other variants in the future

I have been playing the A-10A Late for a while. I love the low speed strike capability. Is it possible think we could get a A-10C or something else? I think this has to be one of the best CAS in the game.(In relation to BR) The only problem with it is doesn’t have guided ordinance (besides the AGM-65D) Would a newer version have more of these weapons? I do believe some of the later models have a better targeting pod but i’m not 100%. Last question but could later models carry more flares and ammo? Thank you in advance.


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It’ll come eventually. Idk when, but it’ll come eventually.


Let’s go!!!

Even more flares? You can flare whole battle on periodic right now :D


Updated avionics and onboard weaponry will raise its BR (A-10A late already sits 10.3 in RB), and as such it will start seeing Pantsir naturally.

Which will make it useless imo.


This is just my personal experience and opinion, so it might be different from others. Personally I think that it has a great amount of flares but sometimes I dump a lot of flares when i’m trying to avoid a very determined player that is not giving up on trying to kill me. I use flare priority so ever drop is 4 flares 2 chaff. What i’m trying to get to is that your low speed makes it very hard for your flares to be super efficient (I’m not saying that it doesn’t have enough), so it would be cool to see more flares or more effective flares. Maybe with MAWS too? IDK but I really think that there are some variations of the A10 that could hold their own at 11.7-12.7 ground Rb. Just because of its possible capabilities that were proven in many combat situations. Thank you for reading my rant.

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I mean sure, against anything that isnt pantsir/doesnt have proxy/isnt some uptiered gun based SPAA

Well hopefully in the future we can see some a-10s with electronic warfare capabilities. (Maybe IRST but i’m not sure) I really do believe that the later A-10s could hold their ground against Pansirs while still being effective. This is only because of there stand off ordinance.

Issue is, ingame, A-10 lacks the engine performance/speed to effectively use stand-off weapons.

With weapons like mavericks etc. you want to climb as high as possible to have unobstructed line of sight, and the height and speed of launching platform gives then extra punch.

Moreso more agile, faster platform simply has easier time taking defensive action.

Thats why, ingame, F-16C is such monster of a CAS plane at top tier.

And thats why even updated A-10 would suck, unless it gets a weapon system no other US plane can carry (and im afraid theres no such system), as it is simply too slow.

And as for low-alt, sure it has easy time flying tree top level, but flying so low means the time window for target accquiring is extremely small as ground limits the LOS and thus range.

And at those ranges, anything that has anti-aircraft guns will just shred the A-10.


we still do not even have ecms on su-25’s su-27’s mig 29’s mig 21 etc do not expect

Considering the BR increase that would come with the A10C, it would face the Pantsir and other powerful AAs, making it dead on arrival

Not if it gets its proper ordinance.

Like what? Jdams? Paveways? Maybe some Apkws? None of those are fantastic, at least not on this platform

Yes and it has other things like electronic warfare i’m not saying this will come with it but I do believe it did have. Making things like the pansir getting a radar lock impossible. I also believe it has stand of weapons which means it won’t need to go a crazy speed to launch because of there ranges. Most of this stuff will come in the next 2-3 years for the game if i had to guess.

Dude not only A10 has ew many of other jets should have it and A10 won’t be the first

EW many?

I guess in the future gaijin could add A-10C late after A-7E Corsair II, AV-8B Night Attack & A-6E SWIP Intruder, and very good attack aircraft toptier

I assume A-10C late would be 12.0 or 12.3 for ground RB but 11.7 for Air RB & 12.0 in Air SB

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No one locks by radar at top tier if they have IRST aviable. Doesnt ping RWR. Unless the EW disables the proxy fuzes it wont be as useful.

Lets compare whats already in game.

both F-16C and A-10A late share the same ground ordnance option of taking 6x agm-65Ds.

Problem is, not only F-16C is faster meaning it has better range on any launched munition (and speed since any launched munitions starts at the same speed as launching aircraft), it also has a targeting pod (AFAIK a-10a late has to rely on the camera integrated into AGMs) which i believe means F-16C had better zoom.

And on top of that, F-16C can still cary air to air weapons. At the moment it can carry AIM-9Ms which are much better than Ls A-10 can carry, but it can also carry sparrows (albeit they share hardpoint with mavericks but not laser guided bombs). Even if you compare current F-16C to future potentional A-10C that will likely get AIM-9Ms, it will still be only dedicated CAS platform, whereas F-16C can do both CAP and CAS.

And even if A-10C gets added eventually, there will be other multiroles in US TT that will remain better options.

Ew = electronic warfare