Is it possible to play the M109 as a artillery piece?

Is it possible to arc the shells enough to be effective? If so how would I do it? Thank you

Using M107? Maybe,

But I doubt, you could try using the auto loading one, Type 75 SPH, which essentially is a M109 but a earlier version if I’m not wrong.

Even with ~600m/s of muzzle velocity, the shell is kinda fast and doesn’t help much trying to attack in a high angle like you could do with BMP-3, BMD-4 and ZBD04A 3OF70’s which have around half the velocity speed and can surely be used as indirect artillery piece but it’s very tricky using 3,5kg of TNT in such high BR against well armored vehicles.

But in case of M109 you should use in pair with drones, and as M109 and all Tank Destroyer/Self Propelled Gun isn’t able to use this feature you should have a partner to do so to point you the exact position of a enemy and using Pythagorean theorem (AC² = AB² + BC²)


AC is your distance from the target; (what we want to know)
AB is your distance from the Recon Micro; (1,2Km)
BC is the distance of the Recon Micro to the target; (incognito)

With this we can calculate AC:

AC² = (1,2Km)² + BC²
AC² = 1,44Km + BC²

If, for example, the distance of the Recon Micro to the target is 1,0Km, we can finally reach the aproximated value of AC (your distance to the target):

AC² = 1,44Km + (1Km)²
AC² = 1,44Km + 1Km
AC² = 2,44Km
AC = √2,44Km
AC = ~1,56Km

So your distance from the target is around 1,56Km, with this you can try to shoot him, you may miss, so, with your partner with eye in the sky, correct your horizontal angle and elevation finally hitting the target just like the Artillery perk we have in-game.

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Could I also use trig for the angle i need to aim at? If they are more far away than the max range of the scope Im using the M107A1


I dont really get the question…you can hit anywhere on the map with M109…in fact you can do it with almost all “modern” vehicles (the exception are vehicles with short range guns). You aim at the direction you want and choose the elevation to hit the point you “want”.

IF you can hit a target and IF you can kill it is the real question…artillery IRL uses observers. Theoretically you can aim at something and then adjust elevation to move your shots to the target…but i dont think it is practical in WT.

And then you have the problem that the shell hitting from above will probably NOT kill most targets…although it should kill any open top.

So yes you can, if you have sight distance control set up you could. However it’s a pain in the ass to do. Each grid square is around 200 so you do the math.

He’s asking if you can use it like an Artillery piece. Aka Indirect fire support.

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Yes i got it…but just not WHY he is asking.

Short answer is YES as you can hit anywhere on the map with “indirect” fire.

Short answer is also NO as you will be hard pressed to hit anything without fire direction (i.e someone telling you how to adjust fire).

So not sure what the real question is…if it is POSSIBLE or if it is PRACTICAL…

He just wasn’t sure that’s all. Aside from that why are you adding quotation marks to “Indirect” fire?
Cause what he wants is indirect, not direct.

To answer the 2nd part.
It is practical but you need to have the know-how and have someone acting as a spotter.
So its a lot of communication. Now is it possible, just like irl, it is indeed possible. Just a pain to do.

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I remember somewhere someone tried something along these lines and the shell despawned or something at a height at the time or something… But that was up high compared to just inclined.

Doesn’t happen. I can confirm this since I did it a few times with a friend. Round always landed somewhere either off, behind, or to the sides of the target. But that was mostly human error rather than the game.

Nah, there was a test done a while back for up high.

Well this could work, it requires that to be right triangle. In some cases it would, but in others it wouldn’t. I actually had a convo about this the other day. Here’s a to it. It explains what to do in other cases

Well…it is a bit due to the “shallow” angle that is probably going to be needed…

If you define indirect fire as simply having no LOS, then the quotation marks are not needed…and it is actually something done a few times on WT, not only with M109.
I sometimes fire (or am fired at) at enemies that i cannot see, but i know they are behind something like a hill or wall. It is possible to aim a bit high and the shell will hit the top of the vehicle…

Indirect fire often assumes long distance and higher angles on the gun…which means dropping shells from far…not a small adjustment over direct fire…

In theory you could make a table and fire from spawn and hit almost any point on the map…just by defining angle and elevation…so it is possible…just not practical.

That was over 8 years ago. You would think it would change by now.

If you can see your target it is direct fire, binoculars or not. If you cannot rely on a spotter, calculate your elevation and the direction your cannon is moving toward. It is indirect.

A prime example are mortar’s that is indirect fire.

No, they will despawn after a while mid air, I’ve tried it


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Can you elaborate?..didn’t quite get what your image was showing…

Guns will hit stuff up to 4km with shallow angles (less than 45degrees)…seen it happen…BUT i do admit i never tried firing high angle shots…and never saw it done…

Always assumed shells would “despawn” only if they leave the map…

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Oh I meant shooting at high arc (85-90 degrees). The shell will despawn on its way down to the ground

I am just trying spice up my game play and make some people confused. Just to make things a little different could be fun.