Is it possible to have a translator in the game?

I m a talkative player in game and I like PVE game modes especially Helicopter PVE and assault. Some times when I want to say something my teammates seems can’t understand, because we dont use same language, I can only use the Google translator and Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V to communicate with others.
War thunder have players from all over the world. Someone may dont speak English or Russian… Is it possible to add a translator or something like that in the game, so the player can easily understand what others saying and have better communication?

It’s possible though unsure Gaijin wants to do it.


I think this would be a fantastic feature, but it would likely be super tricky to implement because of the nuances of things like Googe Translate not always correctly translating due to not understanding context. I’m sure it could be done through integration with GPT-4 or something to that effect.


In Game Translator and a proper in-game voice chat would be nice. Both would either help or not. However, at the moment, it would need to be ramped up since the one in-game is a squad/squadron based voice chat which serves little purpose and in-game sounds like it came out of 2011.

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Ingame VC is bad and a mess, I’m purely talking about text chat.

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I’m aware you are.

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It is possible and probably the future…AI based simultaneous translation, both chat and audio.

There are technical issues, ethic issues and cost issues…but it will happen eventually…
In short version…you can’t add lag, cant have translator adding “errors”, “bad interpretations” or any non-deliberate “insults”. There is an ethics problem if you allow full translation…i am guessing there will be players complaining if the translator is too literal (saying Gaijin allows profanity or worse) or too controlled (freedom of speech).

Not happen soon i guess as, TBH i dont see ingame chat being used that much to make this a priority…

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