Is it possible to be matched against someone 2 Brs higher than you

I’m curious if it is possible to face someone 2 Brs higher than you, when you’ve been full uptiered and they’ve been full downtiered.

Excuse me?

That’s not how that works. If you’re fully uptiered the guy at 1 br higher than you is the one who’s gotten lucky and had a full downtier. So it’s only a 1br spread regardless


Depends what you mean by 2 br’s. Rule of mm is 1.0 BR +/-. But if your counting .3 and .7 as a br in this question that would be a yes.

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I read somewhere on the forums that there should never be more than 4 players with max BR in the lobby, max being 1 whole BR more than the lowest BR in the lobby.

The only way for you to get matched with someone 2 BR’s above you is if you queued in with a friend who is 1 whole BR ahead of you.

The most common source of these ‘problems’ is misidentification of the oppositions BR, or you were squaded with someone who had a higher BR than you, and you were upteired on thier BR.

I remember so many people who would squad with new players and not change thier lineup, ignorant to the new player having been upteired to meet them.


No, the maximum br spread of any game is 1.0. For example, 5.0-6.0 ot 10.7-11.7.

No, if you have a 5.0 vehicle, you will only get uptiered to 6.0 battles or downtiered to 4.0 battles.

It’s possible to face someone more than 1 br higher than you. But that’s usually in the worst br’s at the time.
I’ve fought f4c’s in an 8.7 when the hard block on 9.7 was removed. all in all it’s rare and depends on what’s happening at the time. But still possible.

What 8.7 where you using, and what gamemode?
Were you playing in a squad as well?

@DivineCross8 I mean if your uptiered and their downtiered. Technically yes but in an official sense no.

When you face uptier then your enemies are facing downtier.

You are in 5.0 and they are in 6.0.

No its not. People who were saying this always failed to provide evidence. Most of the time they mistaken vehicle or gamemode.


its only possible of you are together with a team-mate in a custom squad and the team-mate has a higher BR as you

No. The only exception is if you’re foolish and squad que with someone whom has higher BR vehicles than you.

The matchmaking algorithm spread is 1.0BR difference, at maximum. No higher.

It’s different in AB air I thought, not 2 BRs but more than 1.

No, it’s not.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each battle has a certain BR, either X.0, X.3, or X.7.
  • Players in the battle are between 0 and 1.0 lower BR than the battle BR, this is based on their highest BR vehicle.
  • A maximum of 4 players per team are at the same BR as the battle.

So, when you’re uptiered, you are simply at a lower BR than the maximum of the battle and fighting vehicles of higher BR.

When you’re “downtiered”, you are actually at the BR of the battle. However, there are a maximum of 4 enemies of that same top BR, so you are primarily fighting players who are at a lower BR than yourself or the battle.

So while it’s true vehicles face ±1.0 BR, that’s not at the same time. If you’re at +1.0, everyone else is 0:-1 BR fighting you. If you’re at -1.0, everyone else is 0:+1 when facing you.

That’s also why it’s silly to complain about uptiers. Someone’s uptier is always someone else’s downtier. While the BRs of the players in the queue do affect the matchmaking of battles, it’s for the most part symmetric. You might be uptiered more often than not, but so exactly are the enemy team. So you are still fighting mostly vehicles at your own BR. And when a downtier happens, only a few enemies are also downtiered and you get to fight mostly lower BR vehicles. If downtiers were instead the norm, well, you’d still be fighting your own tier most of the time. However, in an uptier, the majority of the enemy team would be downtiered and you would be essentially hopeless.

I was using one of the f9f’s in air RB and was alone, no squad mates. I’m also not saying you guys are wrong.

When I was up tiered it was when either the F4C or T-2 was top dog and they removed the 9.7 hard barrier that separated the br’s. It was possible to get above the 1.0 br at the time though rare.

Do I have proof, no. I don’t have server records of those times.
But from what the op said if it’s possible to be matched above a 1.0 br uptier.

It is possible, but it has to be when either something major happens with the br’s or someone at the snail headquarters messes up.

Whether you believe me or not, up to you guys.
I could try to find the replay that far back using the snail’s tournament replay thing if you guys want but it doesn’t have a time frame option or a select vehicle option.

AB air uses averages so not 1 BR…

Not like it is written down:

WT players… sigh.

But every Rule has their exceptions