Is it possible to ask for an update regarding tutorials?

I feel like the game grow faster than in-game training manual can provide.

We’re at BVR and All-aspect HMS meta, yet there is still a large amount of player that doesn’t understand BFM, and this matter is not just a low tier problem, until 12.0 I’ve seen MANY people who plays like they never played this game. Be it from the fact that they SUCK at aiming, that they are SUCK at teamplay. and the fact that they SUCK at trying to even win.

Tutorial need to be updated, and there should be periodical tutorial that gives you baseline knowledge on how plane of each class works, I can’t help people who head-on me in an attempt to save themselves instead of banking left right or loop where I can get a clear shot on their foes. This need to be eradicated and Gaijin is the frontline in this matter, people will look in game material first before they look at youtube or reddit, please make a more forceful tutorial that occur everytime they unlocked new technology range like prop - early jet, early jet - korean jet and vietnam jet - post-vietnam jet.


Please explain, BVR, HMS, BFM?

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BVR = Beyond Visual Range

HMS = Head Mounted Sight

BFM = Basic Fighter Maneuvers

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Yes it is possible to ask for that.

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I can remember the days you used to buy a game and it came with a instruction manual, that was after the days you had to type in the code from a book.

I sometimes wonder if pilots should do a graduation from tier to tier, but gaijin dont care, new players dont care. all the want is money from new players who want a shiny new imaginary jet that dont work like it should and you cant take it home

when I first started a few years ago. I very vaguely recall a portion of the ground combat tutorial that explained how to fire up and over an obstacle like a hill. I cannot explain how much more helpful this section would be if it could be expanded on and taught to new players more easily instead of being slowly learned and experienced during hundreds of rounds of combat.

I agree id love more tutorial content !

Im still looking for the tutorial on how to get out of a flat spin 😆

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Trying to win isn’t a tutorial issue. It’s that there’s basically no incentive to win. Great example being the skill bonus recently being based only on kills, not score, despite everyone asking them to change it. They actively do not want the game to be about winning for some reason.

I saw just recently that you may have gotten what you asked for !
On the official Warthunder Youtube channel stream - “AIR SUPERIORITY” UPDATE PREVIEW - it was mentioned they are adding tutorials for the modern mechanics to teach players how to better play jet aircraft.

Thanks Gaijin !

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pics or it didn’t happen

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I am unsure how this will work ( or if it is allowed on the forums even ) but the link with the correct timestamp should be this :

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