Is it no longer possible to exchange old chests for 25 warbonds?

It seems to be a recent change.
I can only exchange sky guardians chests but no older ones

Any chest are sellable for 25 warbong at the condition it is not part of the 4 previous update.

Therefore, if a new update appears today, you would be able to sell all Chest from the now 5th previous update.

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Did you verify with your account before replying ? Please let me know
I used to exchange old chests but today I just couldn’t do so. Situation confirmed by a friend of mine on his account.
So I wonder : is it a new bug or a new feature?

Does anyone can still sell old chest (before Sky Guardians) for 25 warbonds?
Please let me know

Same issue here, for some reason, only the Skyguardians chests are still convertable.

Thank you
Looks like a bug.
I hope Gaijin will restore this before the end of battle pass because I need to sell chests to get a premium vehicule

Bug reported since 19 days and still nothing done,

So now the La Royale boxes should be able to be traded for WB? If so it’s not available for me.

Only before. Bug is fixed.

It’s hard to find info but from what I understand La Royale boxes should now be tradable for 25 war bonds yet mine aren’t. This is the only thread with a similar issue, I have posted screenshot.

  1. La Royal does not yet give warbonds for me either, but the older ones do, all of them again.
  2. Where from is your info?