Is it necessary to have ALL the tanks of a nation in a tournament to participate?

I wanted to participate in a tournament that is happening in about 1 hour, I just tried to register in the tournament but when I do so it says “You don’t have the required vehicules”. I will be playing with the USSR nationality and the 3 tanks available in the tournament are the T-34-57, T-34-85 and the IS-1. I have researched and bought the T-34-57, but I can’t register, does it require me to have all 3 of the tanks to play the tournament? If not why can’t I get it

Pretty sure in a 2-spawn tournament you need 2 of the 3. Otherwise you have no second spawn.

how can I know how many spawns there are?

Rules tab, at the bottom. For instance: War Thunder Tournaments

oh alright! ty

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