Is it me, or do vehicles feel "floatier" in Realistic Ground Battle?

It feels like now everything moves & turns & climbs faster in Realistic battles (and spawn campers start sniping spawn points sooner too), but I can’t find whether I just switched to Arcade (unlikely) or Gaijin has stated that they’ve “lightened up” all Realistic vehicles so they are floatier. Is this an intended but unaonounced change? A mess-up? A bug?

I play only USA and mine feels heavier than ever. Heavy feeling, bad traction and sluggish. Not sure how you’re experiencing such difference. I’m speaking of top tier btw.

Didn’t notice any change regarding “faster driving” Tanks, but noticed that Gaijin once again effed up the ground resistance on ice.

Tracked vehicles now struggle heavily to accelerate at 0,1 degree angled ice surfaces.

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Top tier as in Abrams or as in 6.7 - 8.0? The Abrams are still agile and have always seemed so to my experience

Yes Abrams, highest tier. Sep etc. Just feels sluggish. Before it was primarily sluggish on a concrete road, almost stopped them completely. Now it’s just slow to accelerate on all terrain. Imo. ADATS which is on the Bradley chassis, is just horrible to drive.