Is it impossible to be top tier in certain BR?

That’s my simple question… I have observed how for example in arcade br 9.3 it is literally impossible to be on top.
Aren’t they ashamed to have such an extremely broken game?
Add to this all the one cart players in these tiers and it becomes infamous.
When my premiun year is over I will think long and hard about supporting these people again.

There are some brs that have that issue due to the br 1.0 above having a large number of premiums. It isnt 100% but it can feel thay way.

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But what is the fault of the players, if they are useless at programming their game.

I wasted my time equipping my 9.3.

I don’t mind being down, I have tolerance. But not every game my friend!

This is like if in couter strike you have to go every game with pistol and the enemy with Ak47. It becomes a game for tryhards .

Unthinkable in other PVP these situations.

9.3 is notoriously bad for uptiers due to the number of 10.3 vehicles, including premiums.