Is it bad to leave after 1 death?

So, after a week and a half of grinding through all of Rank 3 and 4, I finally unlocked my Leo 1. I was so excited to play it and hopped into a match only to realize something.

The Leo 1 is my only tank at this br. I don’t have any other tanks to use.

Unfortunately, this leaves me at a crossroads. While I would like to not ruin other peoples matches by leaving after I die just once, I can’t go back to playing 5.7 Germany. I hate it.

I don’t like the playstyle of any of their tanks and just want to play in some the 7 br range where I don’t have to worry about some guy slinging HEAT FS and ignoring every amount of armor I have because everyone will be doing that.

The idea of playing these tanks for another 100 matches to unlock the Marder and Kugel makes me genuinely not want to play.

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This is a game first and foremost, and the most important thing is for you to enjoy it.

You shouldn’t suffer through tanks that you don’t enjoy playing.


You don’t earn as much SL or RP as you would if you had more vehicles to help elongate your engagement in the match if you leave after one death.
It’s your decision to bring one viable vehicle if you want, but your team mates would prefer you bring more.


Hate Tiger 2’s and the Walker Bulldog. In fact, I kind of hate playing tanks in general. I like playing SPAA and I’m going for a lineup of SPAA so that way my teammates don’t feel the pressure of CAS on them constantly.

I would grind with a lineup of SPAA only if it wasn’t so damn inefficient. You would see me chilling in my Ostwind 2 keeping the skies clear the entire game. Instead, I have to play tanks I hate and slog through the grind to get to what I actually want.

This community does deserve better rewards. You know how this problem would be fixed of me choosing to leave after 1 death because I only have 1 tank? If i wasn’t making at most 4k rp from my best matches and could grind through faster to grab tanks like the Marder, BMP, and Kugel.

The Leo is not what I wanted. My want is the Gepard and Ozelot. The Leo 1 happens to be a byproduct of me researching through this tree.

If game gave you enough RP so you can rush to your SPAA with single tank imagine how fast sane players with proper lineup would reach top tier.

You are not only player…

nah, Ground progression is slogged to shit, I can finish the entire Japan tree to Rank V in about 3 days of 10 hour playtime with A6M5a + Premium time, Ground grind is too much of a slog for it to be normal.


The game grinding slog is designed to be painful, it encourages frustrated impatient players to bust out the credit card to buy advancements and upgrade modules.

Remember Gaijin is in business to make money, it ain’t free…


There is a video of some guy grinding out the entire Italian tech tree up to Rank 8 and unlocking the F16 in 38 hours straight.

My personal best for grinding rp in one day was grinding through all of Rank 6 Sweden planes (total of 660k rp.) My current PB for one day in ground rb is 90k.

It’s just ridiculous how poor ground rb rewards are compared to Air RB that even with a premium account, I can grind at most one and a half Rank 4 vehicles meanwhile I can grind 3 Eank 6 vehicles in i


I’m not saying one tank should give me enough rp to rush through a tech tree. You missed my point. I’m saying that if I was able to research stuff with a full lineup as fast as I do in Air RB, this wouldn’t be a problem.

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It’s a game that you should play for fun. If you only have the Leo 1 at that BR and you are using it to research other vehicles to pad out your lineup, go for it.

You could have more efficient research progression playing a full lineup at other tiers, but if you aren’t enjoying it or don’t do well in that particular lineup it’ll just burn you out and ruin your fun.

Don’t worry about “ruining” your team’s matches, you aren’t doing anything malicious, just trying to play the game.


Backups on those SPAAs are a vital thing.

There’s some really good plays coming through and a lot of saves are being done through playing more of the various support roles.

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that’s a problem the game has, it fails at creating a fun/enjoyable environment


that does the opposite
i was going to buy these , obviously not the squad but yep


not anymore

You can leave Warthunder just after spawning either. It’s fair. And you can also leave Warthunder at once, you’ll see how good life is.

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Yes, it is bad to leave after one death. If, however, you are adamant on playing with your new Leo, then spawn back in with a lower BR vehicle. From what I’ve played, guns 76mm and above can reliably pen most MBTs in CQC, provided they aren’t a Strv122 or similar. It won’t be perfect, but you won’t be ditching your team.

Also, with backups you can use the Leo twice in a match.


I see we’re polar opposite on this one.

Can I ask why?

It’s meh. Good gun with good ammo but the lack of armor just kills it for me

Well depends how you look at things.

A group of people really want this game to be as realistic as possible so you could say 1 death leave is apart of that.
: P

But at the end of the day it’s really up to the player mind set.

If they had 3 rubbish games in row and get’s killed in the first 3 mins, would you be annoyed too ?
At that point yea I would quite the game for a bit or just the day.

If your forced to do something then that not fun that’s madness and pain.

Tbh I wouldn’t take the anti 1 death leave campers seriously.