Is it allowed to edit your controls.blk with a text editor?

I’m looking to experiment with what’s possible to bind outside of the in-game controls menu. For example something well known is that you can unbind the F1 “help” key this way but curious to see what else can be done.

Could this lead to a ban?

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Idk, itdbe stupid if unlinking F1 leads to a ban

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I would also be interested. Because the option to reassign “T” from the “Accept apology” function is not available in the menu.
How many times have I wanted to issue an air raid alert and accidentally “forgiven” an ignorant bomber!


I think generally editing blk-files is one of the acceptable actions with game files, and in some cases necessary for various custom elements to work (and even described in detail in the WT Wiki):

  • Custom sights
  • Custom skins
  • Custom hangars

Also, Control Presets can be shared via And by assigning your controls and saving this as a preset is possible, and you “create” a blk-file this way. Reassigning a button basically “edits” this file…

Not sure it would work then. If a function is hardcoded, there’s not much one can do (example: control of MCLOS ATGM’s is linked to tank movement control, and can not be assigned separately…).

But radio commands can be configured via controls setup menu, no? Or at least you can create shortcuts for radio commands…


It does.

Asinine that this isn’t bindable ingame.

[Edit: I just realized they’re talking about rebinding the T button, again why are keys not fully bindable it’s just annoying]

Yes, and also annoying is as I mentioned that (some) functions are not freely configurable.

My pet peeve for a long time (until I basically stopped playing those vehicles) is the MCLOS missiles: you can only control them using the same controls used for tank steering.

Which also includes control axis, if you set them up!

I originally used my throttle controller for power, buttons on the throttle to change gears, and my rudder pedals for tank direction. This meant that to be able to launch and control e.g. a SS.11, I’d have to stop, shift to neutral, tr to set the throttle to perfect middel of the throttle axis, then fire and control the missile (via additional buttons I bound to tank steering (WASD).

Very clumsy, and it makes ZERO sense that MCLOS control and tank control would be in any way connected…

Thx I’ll give this a try

I use a blk file that I edited to remove the F1 Help key. As far as I’m aware this is not considered unfair play, as I am changing keybinds only.

I dont think this is possible. Last time when I checked that file it didn’t have that keybind

It is listed as something obscure but I don’t remember what it was in the blk. It is buried in the file though.

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Btw remember to keep a copy of your controls

It’s possible to make an entry for it yourself by naming it: ID_HELP