Is helicopter researching worth?

I’m wondering if people who play helicopter can help me? Is helicopter worth research and using it or not?

Helicopter grind is stupid, they’ve now piled the millions of RP required to the ground tree because they refuse to add a decent helicopter mode that isn’t just for masochists, so that’s the only way to unlock helicopters.

However it does not help you unlock modules, which is just as obscene of a grind, so unless you plan to spend money, which is why helicopters exist, it’s not going to be a fun time.
They can be really good, more at the top end due to poor balancing in favor of helicopters, most of the other ones just hover 3-4km away and shoot ATGMs with varying effectiveness.

I’d suggest doing a bit of research about the helicopter you want to play to see if its worth grinding for, because the grind sucks.

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Well that depends on what BR range you play in and what country. Some helicopters are simply overpowered (for example every single russian copter) and others are lacking (chinese gazelle, the first swedish copter).
The grind is also insanely slow, you’ll be spending a lot of time getting a single mod for any techtree copter

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I shot quite a lot of helicopters down with the BTR-80A in rank 5-6 battles that I encounter must them are rank 5 helicopters. I’m wondering if going for rank 6-7 helicopters is they worth the research and time?

Gonna depend on the nation probably, Russia, unsurprisingly, is really good and really the only helicopters I really see cause trouble, other nations are not as fortunate.

Example: I research KA-52/Mi-28NM is there any danger that I would encounter pantsir or Mig-29/F-16 as soon i leave heliport and try to hunt tanks/spaa? I know there is always risk of spawncamping but how big is the treat for heli?

It’s pretty telling when the only helicopters anyone complains about are the Russian Ka-50/52/Mi-28NM, sometimes the Lynx and the occasional malding about early ATGM helis (by ppl who complain about everything).

USSR Helicopters are good but as a whole: Helis are not worth the time investment, especially if you already have Air trees unlocked. I have USSR/Jpn/UK/Chinese Helis unlocked.

Most Heli pads are visibly shielded from the ground now and spawncamping is only really done by other Helicopters.

I don’t have the entire air tree unlocked and I’m wonder should diverse my attention to helicopter after finish researching the USSR top tech tree.

It’s worth it then, the Mi-24A, 35M and 28NM are good Helis to go for. The Ka-52 is a good option if you want an end game Heli as fast as possible, just the Ka-29 doesn’t offer much of an upgrade over V/P Mi-24s. There’s probably a November sale coming up you might want to make use of as well.

In general I would say NO.
Low BR helis have slow atgm with no anti air protection, rockets are not something really useful and you fight radar track spaa and a lot of ifv with high fire rate.
Middle BR are your best chance, some have anti air missiles, kinda good atgm and can avoid spaa ( at correct range of course )
Top helis I would say a big no. Hellfire are not a big improvement, can’t trust german tiger f&f, only leaving the ka50/52 as best bet( don’t know mi28). Harder stuff here would be flat map with super fast spaa ( adats ), ka52 has ir jammer so no treat from f&f spaa or most helis air missiles ( find out with my poor ah64 ). Then you have to learn where to hit, since heat damage it’s weird.

That’s all I can say with my experience, all usa helis, all germans and ka50

PS : if you have nothing better to grind, go ahead with helis
PS2 : grind helis is a damn pain, high rp needed, pretty much useless armament and horrible flight

Thank you very much for the detail explain.

Thank you. I will wait until November sale before I buy a heli.